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5 Landscape Lighting Ideas to Illuminate Your Yard

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Landscape lighting gives you so many options for entertaining or relaxing outdoors after dark.

But it also adds huge curb appeal to your home.

If you’ve been trying to light up your nighttime with solar lights and they’re just not cutting it, it’s time to truly illuminate your yard. You’ll see what a major difference it makes.

5 Landscape Lighting Ideas to Illuminate Your Nights

Shedding some light onto the darkness isn’t as big an order as it sounds. Just follow these five steps to bring some light into your nights.

(1) Cover the Basics

When you first start thinking about your landscape lighting objectives, try to resist the temptation to light every square inch of your yard.

Below are the elements that are considered necessary to highlight in your lighting design:

  • Patios
  • Steps
  • Entryways
  • Walkways/Paths
  • Driveways
  • Trees
  • Unique Architectural Elements
  • Water Features

Once you’ve got an idea of what needs to be lit, you’ll next want to know how.

(2) Know the Different Lighting Techniques

It’s more than just sticking a few lights into the ground or mounting a couple onto a wall and calling it a day. You need to be selective.

There are many techniques:


Lighting is placed on the ground and angled upwards towards trees, walls and other features of your garden.


Opposite of up-lighting, the lights are positioned above what is to be highlighted, and then angled downward.


This is the technique to use when you want to accent a specific feature of your garden. You just angle the light at the object to create the effect.


This is lighting specifically designed to illuminate a path so you, your family and guests can safely reach your destination.


With this technique, a light is placed behind an object and faced towards an adjacent wall to give it a dark and ominous feel.


Less ominous and eerier, shadowing is when a light is placed in front of an object so that a shadow is cast on a wall.


Bright lights are positioned in high trees to create a downward shadow that gives your yard a natural beauty – even at night.

Once you have an idea of those basics and how you want to light them, you need to consider what kind of light

(3) LED Or Halogen?

For a long time, halogen was your only choice. But LED is taking the lead. Why?

LED landscape lighting gives your landscape lighting a far longer life. You won’t need to worry about climbing trees or digging through snow to replace bulbs every few months.

LEDs are also designed to handle shock and vibrations, and all kinds of horrible weather that would put halogens out of service.

Plus, they can be can be dimmed or brightened to create complex lighting effects.

Speaking of brightening those lights, ensure they’re not too bright.

(4) Avoid Outdoor Light Pollution

Light pollution happens when the use of light is improperly placed or simply too bright. In both cases, it can ruin the effect of your whole lighting project.

Just be careful to not shine the light directly into someone’s eyes or onto your neighbor’s home or windows. And remember that too much lighting can actually create a glare that will wash out the night sky.

(5) Position Your Landscape Lighting at Night

And finally, once your plan is in place, be sure to position those lights at night.

It’s the best way to understand how the features of your garden will cast shadows. And you’ll also lessen the risk of misplacing a light or shining one into your window or door.

So there you have it.

Are you ready to light up your night and start having fun? Give us a call. We’re always happy to help.

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Here’s How Outdoor LED Lighting Saves You Money

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Do you want a quick and easy way to cut down your electricity bill? Have you tried being mindful about the energy you use every day but still feel like you’re not seeing results?

The easiest and quickest way to save a few extra bucks on your electricity bill every month is by switching your incandescent light bulbs for LED bulbs. The lights we tend to have on the most are those that light up the outside of our homes. For this reason, switching to outdoor LED lighting can save you tons of cash very quickly.

If you’re interested in finding out more about how LED lighting works and how it can cut costs for you, follow along!

Small solar cell panel and LED light with movement sensor.

How LED’s Work

Light Emitting Diodes, or LED’s, are made out of semiconductors that convert electricity into light. They are rapidly becoming the most widely used energy-efficient technology.

LED’s control the current flow through them without the use of any moving parts or heated filaments. The process is insanely simple. The LED bulb creates light through the release of energy that happens when you bring together positive and negatively charged currents.

This is an instantaneous and reliable form of energy production. The coolest part? You can adjust them to be brighter or dimmer!

This brightness manipulation feature makes LED’s the perfect addition to your outside porch, garden, or to illuminate your entire home.

Benefits of Using LED Lighting

Simply put, LED’s are better than incandescent light bulbs and other types of lighting in every way possible except in cost. Yes, they tend to be a larger investment than your average fluorescent bulb, but the investment is undoubtedly worth it.

Firstly, LED’s last at least 25 times longer than average light bulbs. They only use about 25-30% of the energy used by other forms of lighting.

This not only brings your electricity bill down but also helps ensure you won’t have to be repurchasing bulbs every few months or so.

To put things into perspective, halogen bulbs tend to last approximately 2,500-4,000 hours. LED’s last anywhere between 50,000-100,000 hours. The return on your investment is unquestionable.

Finally, LED’s are just plain cool. You can buy generic white ones, or you can buy LED’s that change colors! Lighting a space has never been more customizable.

Outdoor LED Lighting, Explained

Want to show off that new paint job on your new house? Have a brand new porch you want to light up?

Landscape lighting and outdoor lighting can draw attention to your home’s most notable details. It’s a great way to showcase what you’ve worked hard to put together and maintain.

Outdoor LED lighting is made to last a long time. These bulbs can face a cold winter or heavy rain due to their rugged design. They withstand the elements more than any other conventional bulb.

There is also a hidden security benefit that comes with LED’s. Since in their construction the glass globe covering that other forms of lighting have was removed, it’s harder for burglars to dismantle them.

Wrapping Up

Now that it’s clear why LED’s are the way to go, it’s your turn to spice up your landscape lighting. If you’re still unsure about which type of lighting is best for your home, contact us. We’d be happy to guide you through the process!