6 Ideas for Deck Lighting from Local LED Lighting Specialists

6 Ideas for Deck Lighting from Local LED Lighting Specialists 

As the northern hemisphere approaches the summer solstice, the days are longer and the evenings a lot warmer. This is the perfect opportunity to ensure that your deck lighting setup has been done properly to maximize those warm summer nights and guarantee that spending time out on the deck is pleasant and easy for entertaining guests.   

With this in mind, Southern Landscape Lighting Systems, the leading landscape lighting company in Alpharetta, GA, shares their top six ideas on how to optimize deck lighting, including both the choice and placement of lights for optimal safety and enjoyment. 

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Deck Lighting Idea 1 – Install LED Stair Lights 

Summer evenings may stretch out longer than anticipated, and it may be that there will be a need to entertain outdoors after dark. Keep family and guests safe with outdoor LED lighting installed on all the stairs around the deck to prevent trips and falls. 

Deck Lighting Idea 2 – Opt for Under-Table Lighting 

LED landscape lights are an unobtrusive way to maximize lighting on the deck without blinding guests. Particularly for the grill or cooking area, it is important for the person responsible for the food to be able to see what they are doing. Additionally, for serving, if workspaces are gently lit, it is a lot easier to enjoy the food that has been prepared. 

Deck Lighting Idea 3 – Consider Recessed Deck Lighting 

Outdoor LED lighting technology has improved significantly in the last couple of years and recessed LED lights are now one of the most popular options for effective deck lighting. This is best suited to decks that have some overhead protection, where the lighting can be installed and will be protected from the elements and will require very little maintenance or cleaning. 

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Deck Lighting Idea 4Select In-floor Deck Lighting 

There are a number of led low voltage landscape lighting options that will work well for in-floor deck lighting. Especially important for dark areas that do not benefit from any other lighting, in-floor lighting works well to create a soft, natural ambiance as well as ensuring that people on the deck can see what they are doing and that all trip hazards are suitably illuminated. 

Deck Lighting Idea 5 – Place Spotlights Over the Deck 

LED spotlights can help focus light where it’s needed the most. This may be over the table so that when people are eating, they can see their food, or over the stairs that lead up to the deck so that there are no unlit trip hazards. 

Deck Lighting Idea 6 – Light Ua Pergola 

Rather than focusing only on lighting up a deck, using outdoor lighting to make a feature of a pergola may be an alternative solution that works best for some properties. This can create a focal point in the garden and creates a different area of the garden to enjoy after dark. The pergola may form part of the outdoor deck, or it may be a stand-alone feature that complements the deck. 

Those were some of the interesting deck lighting ideas that you could try out on your own house whenever you have the chance.

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Southern Landscape Lighting Systems in Alpharetta, GA is an installation and design company with a low voltage electrical license. Their customer service record speaks for itself, and they have a good reputation for offering timely service, as well as friendly, knowledgeable staff. Regardless of what their clients’ needs are, when it comes to outdoor lighting and deck lighting, the team is always available to assist. 

They offer quality eco-friendly outdoor LED lighting and security lighting design and installation for homeowners and business owners in the area, specializing in LED landscape lighting solutions. For property owners interested in a new landscape lighting installation, or an update to their existing one, contact them today for a free consultation. Their service includes a demo installation at the client’s property to give an idea of the quality and standard of work that they provide. 

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