Highlighting Backyard Murals With LED Low-Voltage Landscape Lighting

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led landscape lighting

The Mural as an Art Form

A mural is a painting on a wall or ceiling. Caves around the world feature murals displaying humans, animals, deities, weapons, tools, and plants. In ancient cultures, a significant event or person would often be memorialized on the wall or ceiling of a cave, tomb, government building, religious temple, or home.

While artists usually paint murals, they also create murals using small pieces of wood, tile, ceramic, or mirrors. Some wall paintings are created on a large canvas. The completed work is then attached to the wall with marouflage, an adhesive such as plaster or cement, which hardens as it dries. This technique has been around since the late 19th century.

A popular contemporary artform often used in murals is trompe l’oeil, literally “the trick of the eye.” This technique uses realistic imagery to create 3-D optical illusions. According to the Royal Academy of Arts in Britain, “Who began this trickery? The earliest account of trompe l’oeil comes from ancient Greece, where a contest took place between two prominent artists, Zeuxis and Parrhasius. The story goes that Zeuxis painted grapes with such skill that birds flew down to peck at them.”

How popular are wall murals in Atlanta?

Atlanta is renowned for its famous Coca-Cola mural and for its abundance of wall murals, which are colloquially referred to as “street art.” The title of an online resource illustrates the immense popularity of wall murals in Atlanta: “Atlanta Street Art Map: On-line tour guide to 1000+ murals.”

How much does a mural cost?

According to HomeAdvisor, murals cost on average about one thousand dollars. The price may be lower or higher depending on location (indoor/outdoor), wall preparation and surface texture, detail, size, accessibility, travel, weather, safety, and equipment. Other components that factor into pricing include the painting style (hand-painted or spray-painted), site preservation (sealing), and the muralist’s rate.

The rate per square foot for murals is around $10 to $35. Experienced muralists who paint detailed murals will be at the higher end of the price scale. Complex projects painted by in-demand artists may run as much as fifty dollars per square foot.

Where are good places for a mural?

The location of a residential mural depends largely on the desires and tastes of the homeowner. The artist will often incorporate a feature of the hardscape on which the mural is painted. With this possibility in mind, the homeowner might consider the following surfaces for a custom original mural:

  • A stone wall featuring any one or more of the diverse rock varieties in the Atlanta area
  • A standard brick wall that needs extra life or color
  • A stucco privacy wall purposefully installed to host a signature mural from a local muralist
  • An entranceway to or from the backyard
  • The side of the home
  • The interior of a picketed privacy fence

Can a mural add value to a home?

In light of metro Atlanta’s national and international reputation for world-class murals, a commissioned mural painted and signed by a well-known local or regional muralist can give a property aesthetic and cultural value, which translates into a real return on investment. A mural by an up-and-coming artist can generate interest and increase the tangible and intangible value of a home.

Where can local residents find a talented Atlanta-area muralist?

Atlanta is home to some of the best muralists, and regional artwork is a highly prized aesthetic commodity that can deliver an amazing return on investment. In addition, a family can also have children, grandchildren, and visitors craft a personalized mural that memorializes special events in the life of the family. Footprints and handprints, caricatures, cartoon figures, personal artwork and doodling, and family graffiti can create memories that last a lifetime.

led landscape lighting

Highlighting a mural with LED low-voltage lighting

Properly lighting a work of art in an outdoor environment requires technical finesse and the talented eye of a gifted lighting designer. A well-designed mural deserves a landscape lighting design that complements and highlights its best features. With current LED technology and programming capabilities, the landscape lighting design specialists at Southern Landscape Lighting Systems give murals a joyful verve and energy that brings the art to life.

For more information about landscape lighting installation, contact the office by phone at (770) 691-1221 or email [email protected].

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