How Better LED Low Voltage Landscape Lighting Is Better for Business

Southern Landscape Lighting Systems of Alpharetta, GA, specializes in residential and commercial LED low-voltage landscape lighting design, installation, and service. The team offers free onsite consultations and a nighttime demonstration for customers interested in moving forward with a lighting system. Lindsey Rodericks and the team at Southern Landscape Lighting Systems of Alpharetta, GA, highlight ten ways an LED landscape lighting system is better for business.

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Ten Ways a Business Benefits from Better LED Low-Voltage Landscape Lighting

1. The business with better landscape lighting gets noticed.

After dark, a business with outdoor LED landscape lighting has an advantage since the façade is evident to drivers and pedestrians. Other companies may have minimal lighting for security purposes, but a business with an intentional outdoor lighting design gets noticed.

2. The business with better landscape lighting is cast positively.

A well-designed and installed commercial LED landscape lighting system makes a business visible and makes the business façade and landscape more attractive and appealing to onlookers.

3. The business with better landscape lighting makes a great first impression.

A first impression is a lasting impression. Two recent Princeton University studies indicate that a person will form a first impression within a tenth of a second of viewing another person’s face. Another study out of the UK finds that first impressions are made within 30 to 100 milliseconds, barely a glance. In a real sense, a business’s physical location is the face of the company, and onlookers, whether vehicle traffic, pedestrians, or visitors to a website, will form a lasting impression of the business with a fleeting glance.

4. The business with better landscape lighting increases brand awareness.

Landscape lighting is a dynamic component of a business’s marketing strategy that can increase brand awareness by highlighting the brand name (signage) and assets (logo, mascot, brand colors, products). Positive brand awareness is better for business.

5. The business with better landscape lighting stimulates mental muscle memory.

According to respected advertising research, three to seven interactions are needed for a message to register with a viewer. Beyond seven interactions, repetitive impressions accumulate benefits, and impact does not suffer diminishing returns for quite some time. People who see the location regularly will remember it, and if the first impression is positive, repetitive images will reinforce it.

6. The business with better landscape lighting can deploy a wide variety of lighting options.

Repetitive impressions reinforce the image and, therefore, the brand message in the brain, which can affect purchasing behaviors. Over time, boredom sets in and dulls message reception. The versatility of LED lighting technology allows a business to make creative adjustments that refresh and improve the visual experience while maintaining a consistent yet vibrant brand message.

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7. The business with better landscape lighting can integrate brand awareness with the brand message.

Repetitive positive impressions powerfully connect a product or service with the location and the brand. People who frequently observe the well-illuminated façade will think about the product or service when they are in the general vicinity of the business. A reverse association develops, as well. When people interact with a product or service in another venue or on the internet, that beautifully illuminated business, retail outlet, or professional office pops into the mind.

8. The business with better landscape lighting distinguishes itself from competitors.

Excellent landscape lighting singles out the business from the competition and elevates the brand above the crowd. When the company stands out, it not only gets noticed, it acquires gravitas.

9. The business with better landscape lighting can more effectively advertise its products and services.

Landscape lighting can create a frame for a building or property to draw attention to products displayed in a window or on the property. This use of real estate and outdoor landscape lighting effectively leverages businesses with high vehicle traffic after dark.

10. A business with better landscape lighting creates a safe, secure environment for a more pleasant and relaxed customer experience from the parking lot to the entrance.

Customers are more likely to schedule appointments or shop after dark when tastefully and safely illuminating the entire property. Highlighting steps, ramps, walkways, walls, and benches assist customers in making their way to the store or office. Thoughtful lighting eliminates shadows and addresses potential trip-and-fall situations.

To learn more about the LED landscape lighting services offered by Southern Landscape Lighting Systems, contact the Alpharetta office by calling (770) 691-1221. The team can also be reached by email at [email protected].

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