How Landscape Lighting Can Make Life in Alpharetta, GA, More Enjoyable

Low-voltage outdoor landscape lighting does so much more than just showcase the beauty of a house when the sun settles below the horizon. Landscape lighting improves life around the home.


The Better Life in Georgia

Census Bureau statistics indicate that almost 285,000 people moved to Georgia in 2019.  Some of these new residents are retirees, while others may be searching for better employment opportunities. Whatever the circumstances, the desire for a better life is foundational to this demographic shift, and Georgia is a great place to live, work, and raise a family. The new Peach State residents came from all over the United States. Here are the top five states that contributed to this influx of new Georgia residents: Florida (46,235), Texas (22,452), South Carolina (18,828), Tennessee (17,210), and North Carolina (15,580). California and New York contributed a combined total of just over 30,000 to the influx.

Retirees are very thoughtful when selecting the perfect place to spend their golden years, and Georgia has recently overtaken Florida as the most desirable state in which to retire. Georgia’s low cost of living, temperate climate, reasonable home prices, and friendly people are very attractive to retirees all across America.

Alpharetta: The Best of the Best Places to Live in Georgia

Alpharetta finishes in the top spot as the absolute best place to live in Georgia, according to market analysts at SimpleShowing, a national, technology-powered real estate brokerage. The SimpleShowing article reads, “About 25 miles north of Atlanta, you’ll find Alpharetta. Though it’s considered a suburb of Atlanta, the city’s population is still a little over 60,000. One of the big highlights of this area is the Avalon which opened in 2014. This multi-use development has become the center for shopping, dining, and events for those in this city and surrounding areas. On a typical weekend, you can find morning yoga on the lawn, outdoor movies at night and patio seating from the bars and restaurants. Plus, the downtown Alpharetta area has been revitalized recently and features a fantastic selection of restaurants, coffee shops and hotels. Like many of the northern Atlanta’s suburbs, Alpharetta is very affluent with a median income of $92,839 and the value of a median house sitting at $378,000. Combine that with a low crime rate, and Alpharetta is a great place to raise a family.”

Highlighting the Better Life

The capabilities of LED low-voltage landscape lighting far exceed the aesthetic spectrum. Many homeowners overlook or underestimate the value of landscape lighting for task lighting to facilitate work-related activities. The exterior lighting system can be configured to enable the homeowner to enjoy outdoor hobbies such as painting, making pottery, gardening, cooking, and meditating.

An experienced, versatile lighting designer is able to create lighting options that allow residents young and old to engage in physical activity safely and confidently. High-impact, fast-paced activities such as soccer, volleyball, dodgeball, and the timeless game of chase can be safely enjoyed thanks to the LED lighting. More sedate and relaxing activities such as Frisbee golf, practicing with the pitching wedge, croquet, and recreation on the backyard playground can be enjoyed to the fullest with the application of the appropriate lighting techniques and fixtures.

Technology empowers the homeowner to select pre-programmed lighting configurations specifically designed to accommodate the various activities that will take place in the backyard. When the work, art, entertainment, play, and exercise are finally completed, the system can be reset to the default mode using a cell phone or other device.

Functionality can be achieved without compromising aesthetics, ambiance, or curb appeal. A homeowner can schedule an onsite consultation with Southern Landscape Lighting Systems of Alpharetta, GA, to assess the condition and usefulness of the existing landscape lighting system. The previous homeowner may have emphasized aesthetics and curb appeal and paid no attention to the backyard. The backyard may not have any landscape lighting at all. The landscape lighting specialists at Southern Landscape Lighting Systems can harness the potential of the backyard to bring a full range of enjoyment opportunities for the entire family, from grandparents to grandchildren.

For more information about low-voltage outdoor LED lighting design, installation, and maintenance, email the team at Southern Landscape Lighting Systems of Alpharetta at [email protected]. The office can also be contacted by phone at (770) 691-1221.

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