How LED Low-Voltage Landscape Lighting Can Elegantly Highlight Yard Art

Southern Landscape Lighting Systems of Alpharetta, GA, installs and services residential and commercial outdoor LED lighting systems in the metro Atlanta area. Landscape lighting offers many aesthetic and practical benefits. A competent lighting designer who knows the product well is able to isolate and highlight the beautiful features of the yard, the hardscapes, and the home itself. The designer can also elevate the functionality of the overall landscape, making the environment usable and safe once the sun sets. However, simply achieving the goals of enhanced beauty, expanded functionality, and increased safety falls short of the mark. Technical knowledge and lighting techniques can only go so far. The truly talented landscape lighting designer transcends technical knowledge and lighting techniques, artistically integrating aesthetics, functionality, and safety in a unique design that both creates and captures the art of the yard and the home.

Capturing and Highlighting the Art of the Yard: Natural and Man-Made

Landscape illumination is visual and evocative. Fixtures are placed and angled to promote visibility for beauty, function, and safety. Magnificent landscape lighting captivates the mind, evokes soulful emotions, excites the senses, and stimulates thoughtful meditation. Brilliant execution of lighting techniques mingled with the latest lighting technologies can spur creativity, boost mood, relieve anxiety, and generate inner warmth and confidence. These qualities are proving extraordinarily helpful and calming during the pandemic. Anything that reduces stress and soothes the soul is desirable.

The Natural

Nature offers many opportunities for artistic lighting. Tasteful uplighting accents the sinewy contours and joints of a stately Crape Myrtle, bringing the majestic tree to life. Unnoticed in daylight, the weave of intertwined oak branches becomes an intricate, captivating pattern when highlighted by LED brilliance. Sculpted boxwoods align like disciplined, watchful sentinels along the lighted front entrance. Not to be outdone, the espalier holly silently twists upward along a rock wall or the side of the home, as the natural and the man-made co-mingle in aesthetic harmony. A weeping Japanese maple of the dwarf variety is drenched in a delicate, soft light that casts its crimson foliage in exquisite beauty. Garnering the spotlight on the front porch, regal red geraniums sit ensconced atop thrones of terra cotta, creating a centerpiece that serves as a welcome greeting for any guests that may visit the home.

The Man-Made

Throughout the landscape, artificial features have not escaped the purview of the designer’s touch. The pirouette of a dancing fountain enjoys splashing applause. Well-lit walkways wind through the yard, enabling a young family or elderly lovebirds to enjoy a safe stroll in the cool of the evening. Statuary is illuminated by beams that lend strength and gravitas to the impressive stone artwork.

Capturing and Highlighting the Feng Shui of the Landscape

An article in The Spruce entitled “The Basic Principles of Feng Shui” explains the aesthetic benefits of engaging with ancient Chinese principles when approaching landscape design. The article reads, “The Chinese words ‘feng’ and ‘shui’ translate to mean “wind” and “water,” respectively. This concept is derived from an ancient poem that talks about human life being connected and flowing with the environment around it….The philosophy of feng shui is a practice of arranging the pieces in living spaces in order to create balance with the natural world. The goal is to harness energy forces and establish harmony between an individual and their environment.”

The gift of identifying, capturing, and artfully highlighting the balance and harmony of feng shui in a meticulously crafted landscape exceeds the boundaries of technical skill. The skilled lighting designer artistically develops a majestic landscape that hearkens back to beloved paintings such as Van Gogh’s masterpiece, The Starry Night. Creative genius spotlights the vibrant energy of nature, as depicted on canvas in Henri Matisse’s Landscape at Collioure. Only a select few lighting designers can transform elfin boulders dotting the front lawn into visions of Joan Miró’s exquisitely simple Bleu II.

The landscape lighting professionals at Southern Landscape Lighting Systems of Alpharetta create masterpieces that come to life every night. Nighttime demonstrations are available upon request. To learn how LED low voltage landscape lighting systems can transform the home and yard into a work of art, contact Southern Landscape Lighting Systems of Alpharetta

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