Landscape Lighting Company Explains How to Turn a Brandmark Into a Landmark

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Visibility Marketing: Location, Looks, Links, Leads, and LED Lighting

Location is vitally important for most businesses, especially those that require a physical location and rely upon that location to highlight the brand, showcase products and services, and attract customers. Often, how a commercial property looks aesthetically — its curb appeal — is what attracts attention, draws customers, and spurs inquiries.

Recently, famed New York Times columnist William Safire cast some light on the shadowy sourcing of the well-known expression, “There are three things that matter in property: location, location, location,” to Lord Harold Samuel, the late real estate tycoon from Britain. Though Samuel most likely did not coin the tricolon, no one doubts that the maxim itself carries much weight in the assessment of the market value of a property, especially a commercial property.

A busy road in metro Atlanta can easily enable 30,000 or more vehicles to pass by and view a commercial location. Capitalizing on visibility marketing is extremely important for the success of a small business in the Atlanta area.

Prominently displaying the business’ brand and other identifying and informational markers in conjunction with readable contact information can both create and reinforce brand awareness. A high-traffic location that looks great and effectively links the customer to the brand and business information can generate significant leads that convert into sales.

Commercial outdoor LED low-voltage landscape lighting plays a bright role in this marketing and advertising strategy by keeping the location, looks, and links alive and vibrant so the lead generation can continue after dark.

Tips to Transform a Brandmark Into a Landmark

Here are some tips to help the business owner or property manager utilize commercial outdoor LED low-voltage landscape lighting to maximize the full potential of the commercial location.

Tip #1: Consult with a commercial outdoor lighting design specialist for advice on how LED low-voltage lighting can extend and amplify the brand message beyond the daylight hours.

Failing to effectively capture the attention of daily early morning and evening traffic translates into thousands of lost potential leads. The lighting consultation can help businesses pinpoint opportunities to effectively utilize commercial LED landscape lighting to leverage every visual aspect of the business.

Tip #2: Professionally illuminate a brandmark and transform it into a landmark.

Effective visibility marketing starts by maximizing existing brand elements such as a branded building that features a customized façade, a nationally recognized logo, or a familiar brand mascot. A distinctive, professionally illuminated brand element can become so familiar to passersby that they reference the feature when giving directions or refer the business to a friend without even thinking about it. In some cases, a brandmark and externally displayed inventory become so closely associated with the business that the inventory takes on aspects of a brand or logo.

Some practical examples of brandmarks that readily lend themselves to being transformed into landmarks with LED lighting include:

  • Pool and spa company: a mermaid, an outdoor pool, or a spa display
  • Furniture company: an over-sized piece of furniture, such as a large rocking chair
  • Florist: a large bouquet of flowers or an arrangement of recognizable flowers
  • Apothecary or compounding drug store: mortar and pestle
  • Outdoor power equipment company: motorcycles/ATVs, storage buildings, trailers, tractors
  • Safety equipment company: a retired fire truck
  • Body shop: a restored muscle car

Tip #3: Showcase inventory by converting the available property into a product display arena with LED lighting.

With some businesses, it makes more sense to display and highlight a product or a symbol that identifies or represents the services provided:

  • Landscape supply company: large boulders, pallets of rocks, piles of sand, dirt, and gravel
  • Water feature design and install company: a large fountain or waterfall
  • Custom countertop installer: sample slabs of cut stone
  • Industrial equipment rental company: bulldozers, loaders, chippers, lifts
  • Feed and seed store: large bales of hay, a large fiberglass animal, a pitchfork, a piece of farm equipment

Tip #4. Mobilize branded fleet vehicles to drive traffic to the storefront, service center, and company website.

Uplighting a branded vehicle allows a brandmark to be displayed when the vehicle is stationary in the parking lot. Instead of contributing to light pollution with glare from the obnoxiously bright traditional overhead lighting that many people find visually offensive, have the lighting specialist efficiently illuminate a branded vehicle or vehicles with eye-friendly LED landscape lighting techniques and fixtures.

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