Outdoor Lighting Tips For Winter Shared by Landscape Lighting Experts

How to Winterize Your Outdoor Lighting in Alpharetta

Preparing for the cold months ahead means doing maintenance to your outdoor landscape lighting now to ensure that it can withstand the winter. With these five tips from leading landscape lighting company, Southern Landscape Lighting Systems, your property will stay looking elegant and your lighting will remain in top condition, even after the trees lose their leaves.

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1. Exposed Wires are a Hazard During the Winter Months

Before the ground freezes, it’s important to inspect any wires that have resurfaced and reburied them. If you can see copper or damaged wire, it’s an indication that repairs need to be made. When this happens it’s advisable to ask a professional landscape lighting company to check the wires and make the necessary repairs.

2. Keep the Lenses Clean and Re-Check After Storms

This step is important, particularly if you have LED lighting. Dirt and debris tend to accumulate during the course of the year, which will dim or even completely block the fixture’s light. In the winter months, with longer nights, you’ll want your outdoor lighting installation to be functioning optimally. Ground fixtures tend to have the most build-up and can be cleaned with a non-abrasive cloth or using the professional post-sales services of an outdoor lighting company.

Remember to check LED fixtures after a snowstorm as you may need to clear accumulated snow as they produce less heat and may not melt the snow. 

3. Prepare the Bulbs to Shine Brightly All Winter

As the cold nights set in, you’re less likely to spend time in your garden after dark, so it’s good to do a check of all the bulbs to see that they’re working and shining brightly. Your landscape lighting system will stay on for more hours every night in winter due to the longer nights, so it’s a good preventative measure to check that the system is running optimally.

4. Adjust Fixtures that have Moved Out of Alignment

Because your landscape lighting system is exposed to the elements, it could be damaged during a landscaping project or blown over by wind (particularly downlights in trees), so it’s worth taking a walk around your property to correct the alignment of any fixtures that are no longer shining in the right direction. If you are preparing your garden for winter using a landscaping company, make sure you let them know where the fixtures are located so that they do not accidentally damage them. 

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Southern Landscape Lighting Systems in Alpharetta, GA, is a trusted supplier and installer of high-quality landscape lighting. Using only the best fixtures, their professional team offers excellent service both pre and post-sale. For systems that they have installed, they offer lens cleaning, exposed wire re-burying, the replacement of time batteries, fixture re-alignment, halogen bulb replacement, foliage pruning, socket greasing, and free service calls for one year after installation. 

They can also assist with systems installed by another company with an initial appointment to assess the integrity of the system and address what needs to be repaired or upgraded. If you need some help winterizing your landscape lighting installation, give them a call today!

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