The Best Time to Switch From Halogen Lighting and to LED Landscape Lighting

Southern Landscape Lighting Systems of Alpharetta, GA, installs and services residential and commercial outdoor LED lighting systems in the metro Atlanta area. For the client who is ready to move forward immediately with a project, nighttime demonstrations are available. The installation team sets up a live demonstration of the lights so the client can experience the beauty and elegance of LED landscape lighting.

Spring Is the Best Time to Make the Switch

Making the switch from traditional halogen landscape lighting to LED low-voltage lighting makes sense any time of the year, but spring is the season that is especially suited to making the switch.

     1. A shorter period of daylight means an earlier nighttime demonstration.

Installing a new landscape lighting system while the days are shorter enables the homeowner to experience an onsite nighttime demonstration in the early evening rather than in the late evening. If the client decides to proceed with the installation immediately, many hours of darkness can be reclaimed and enjoyed at the outdoor fire pit, grill, or spa.

     2. Minimal foliage makes the process easier.

Through the end of March, trees, shrubs, and plants are still dormant and have minimal foliage. The minimal foliage facilitates the design and installation process. Fewer obstructions result in cleaner lines of sight and faster installation times. Some adjustments may be needed as the landscape begins to leaf out and plants bloom. Many, if not all, of these minor adjustments, can be handled by the homeowner.

     3. Trees are already pruned.

The best time to shape trees and remove diseased and damaged limbs is during the winter dormancy. Primary branching is easier to determine when the trees have bare limbs. Diseased and damaged limbs are more easily identified so they can be removed. Pruning during dormancy inflicts less shock on the tree and reduces the opportunity for disease and insect infestation to occur in the areas affected by the pruning and trimming. With the trees pruned and the primary limbs exposed, the lighting design/install team can illuminate selected trees in all their glorious brilliance.

     4. Landscaper schedules are more flexible.

Early in the landscape design/build season, appointment schedules are more open and flexible. An early appointment translates into an earlier installation date. Begin enjoying the mild spring evenings with an early spring lighting installation.

     5. Spring is an ideal time to sell a home.

Spring and early summer are the peak times to sell a home. Landscape lighting enhances curb appeal once darkness falls. Viewing a beautiful home during the day is satisfying and enjoyable. Viewing that same home and landscape in the evening when they are highlighted by LED low-voltage lighting is captivating. Home sales moving into 2021 are brisk. Upfitting the landscape lighting to the more efficient LED low-voltage lighting option will add real value to a home and increase ROI.

     6. Buyers expect the best landscape lighting system.

Upscale homebuyers expect certain amenities. One of those amenities is exquisitely designed landscape lighting that accentuates the beauty of the home and the landscape. An out-of-date halogen landscape lighting system fails to meet the expectations of prospective buyers who know the advantages of LED landscape lighting.

     7. Spring is the season for tax returns.

Many homeowners have or anticipate a tax return this spring. Using these available discretionary funds to enhance the beauty and increase the utility of the home will reap benefits throughout the rest of the year and for years to come.

Why Choose LED Low-Voltage Landscape Lighting?

LED low-voltage lighting offers a panorama of enlightening benefits.

     1. Energy efficient

LED bulbs use eighty percent less energy than conventional halogen lighting.

     2. Smaller carbon footprint

Halogen lighting uses twenty-five times more resources to manufacture it than LED lighting, which is more affordable than ever.

     3. Safe for pets and children

LED lighting is much cooler than halogen lighting. Pets and children are safe around LED lights. The likelihood of a fire from LED fixture heat is practically non-existent. LED systems use only about eight watts as opposed to ninety watts for halogen, so the possibility of electrical shock is greatly diminished.

     4. Long-lasting

LED bulbs can last up to 25,000 hours or more, depending on the application and environment.

     5. Durable

LED bulbs can take a beating from the elements and lawn maintenance and keep on burning.

Other features include:

  • lower maintenance costs
  • programmable
  • manually adjustable
  • easily expandable systems
  • reduced light pollution for the neighbors
  • more natural with no UV light

The landscape lighting design and installation experts at Southern Landscape Lighting Systems of Alpharetta recommend an annual system inspection for LED lights. The maintenance program includes cleaning lenses, greasing sockets, re-burying exposed wires, replacing timer batteries, adjusting fixtures and re-aiming where needed, replacing all halogen bulbs, greasing sockets, pruning of foliage overgrowth, and free service calls for one year following installation. The technicians also inspect and service lighting systems not installed by Southern Landscape Lighting Systems.

For more information about outdoor landscape lighting installation, contact Southern Landscape Lighting Systems of Alpharetta by phone at (770) 691-1221 or email [email protected].

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