Reviewing Outdoor Living Space Trends for 2020

For homeowners looking to add variety and spice to their landscaping, there are some exciting trends and opportunities for 2020 and beyond. Lighting trends for 2020 are included in this list. The advent of LED lighting has revolutionized outdoor landscape lighting, making it more accessible and more affordable for many homeowners. Recent advances in LED technology have made LED lights even more desirable than ever.

Several years ago, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) projected that, by 2020, more than 75% of outdoor luminaire shipments would be light-emitting diodes (LEDs). This 2015 projection has been more than fulfilled. The safety, aesthetics, and security of outdoor landscape lighting have become a reality for more and more homeowners.

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Homeowners need to know and understand the landscaping and outdoor living trends around the country and in their geographic area. Many of these trends serve multiple purposes going beyond the aesthetic aspect. Artificial turf is an example of how an innovation enhances more than the beauty of a landscape. Having artificial turf in areas where grass does not grow well reduces erosion and reclaims the space for useful activities. Shady areas and the children’s playground are examples of where artificial turf makes sense, especially when it is rainy and muddy. And, of course, artificial grass is always green, needs no maintenance, and is affordable.

For homeowners planning to upgrade or do a total makeover on their outdoor spaces, here are some of the trending developments for 2020 and beyond.

Leading the way with outdoor landscape lighting

Homeowners are expressing a strong interest in lighting layouts that are more sleek, minimalist, and linear for their outdoors. Path lighting will be all about hiding the lighting to soften hard design features. LED light channels hidden along sidewalks and patios produce a more calming ambiance. A trend growing in popularity is placing lights under structures. It creates an illusion of floating paver steps, benches, or bridges. Outdoor chandeliers can elicit some jaw-dropping responses.

Here are some other trending ideas the discerning homeowner may find interesting and worthy of implementing in their yard or around the home.

Backyards on fire!

Whether with fire pits or innovative hardscaping, many homeowners and condo dwellers are utilizing their outdoor patios and decks as primary kitchens and dining rooms, according to the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association (HPBA).

“Manufacturers continue to present innovative, tech-enhanced outdoor kitchen islands built around premium barbecues — as well as hearth-centered tables, outdoor built-in audio/TV systems, and other accents that meet consumers’ desires for a full outdoor living experience in their backyard,” the hearth association reports.

This trend is especially relevant for homeowners to note as expanding the patio to include regular meal preparation and entertainment may require installing a commensurate outdoor lighting system or upfitting the existing lighting system to facilitate the expanded usage. Safety issues come into play with more people on the patio or deck. Lighting steps, pathways, and areas around the grill and table where food preparation and consumption are occurring may improve the experience and enhance safety.

Personal gardening popularity

The 2020 Garden Trends Report entitled “Seeing 20/20” sheds some light on trending horticulture activities over the next year or so. Personal gardening in the backyard or in pots on the patio or deck is growing in popularity. Expectations are that gardening will be a $49.3 billion industry by 2023 from $40.2 billion in 2018.

Southern summer days are rather hot. Lighting the backyard garden patch enables the plot to be tended once the blazing sun drops beneath the horizon. For the early riser, an adequately lighted garden patch can easily be cared for in the morning before the sun comes up and the temperatures rise.

Extending living space with a covered pergola

A covered pergola can transform outdoor living spaces. The covered outdoor living space protects people and outdoor furniture from the elements (rain, snow, or sun). With the touch of a button, the louvers on the pergola can be closed, making it watertight. Inclement weather is not allowed to cut short a planned outdoor gathering.

Adding this hardscape to a backyard may require the installation of some form of outdoor lighting or the expansion of an existing system if the extended living space is to be usable after dark.

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In 2020 and beyond, homeowners are taking creature comforts usually associated with indoor living and bringing them outdoors. Grilling, entertaining, and gardening are leading the way. Lighting up these activities not only makes these activities possible, but it also makes them more enjoyable and safe.

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