Acworth, GA, Landscape Lighting Company Shares Tips for Lighting the Lake House

Southern Landscape Lighting Systems of Acworth, GA, installs and services residential and commercial outdoor lighting systems in the metro Atlanta area. Customers receive the highest quality professional design, lighting products, installation, and continuing service support. The lighting team specializes in providing amazing lighting designs and installations for many of the lake homes in the Atlanta area. As a leading provider of lake property outdoor LED low-voltage lighting, Southern Landscape Lighting Systems of Acworth offers these tips on buying and illuminating the perfect lake property.

Over the last year or so, remote work has created new opportunities for people who live and work in the metro Atlanta area. Some homeowners who own weekend lake homes are selling their primary residence in order to make their lake home their new primary residence. Other homeowners are intent on selling their existing home and opting for the relaxing, idyllic life on the lake. Lakefront property can be both relaxing and invigorating. Listed below are some factors to consider when buying a lakefront dream home.

Waterfront properties have more value than other homes and tend to enjoy significant appreciation while holding their value in a down market. On the other hand, be ready for the sticker shock of lakefront property, especially in the Atlanta area. Moving into 2021, housing prices, in general, have skyrocketed in response to massive shifts in demographics due to the pandemic and the new opportunities stemming from the widespread acceptance and implementation of remote work setups.

To avoid expensive or disappointing surprises, carefully consider the current condition of the lake home. Excessive moisture and lake-associated weather patterns can cause water and mold damage. The ebb and flow of lake levels can also have a destructive impact on shoreline landscape features.

A submersible LED lighting system may forfeit some longevity as it is submitted to much higher ambient temperatures when low lake levels expose lighting fixtures. Other landscape features may suffer damage from the unique circumstances associated with lakefront property.

LED lighting requires less intensive maintenance than traditional halogen lighting. For the traditional halogen lighting system, the constant moisture from the lake adds to the chore of annual maintenance. The homeowner must clean lenses, grease sockets, and repair any damage to wiring. LED lights require less voltage, operate at much lower temperatures, and withstand weather, moisture, and wear. Halogen bulbs are not so shock-resistant.

The orientation of the home to the sun and how it sets impacts heating and cooling, morning and evening ambiance, and lake wind effect on outdoor activities. Do either the front or back decks have any shielding from the sun? Orientation may impact lighting considerations. Excessive foliage or surrounding hills and mountains may increase lighting usage levels. LED operates on eighty percent less energy than halogen bulbs. An extra hour or two of operational time under an LED system will be economically negligible.

A new lighting design and installation project should consider not only the functional aspects of the home’s orientation but also any guidelines covered in the HOA agreement. Lake lots tend to be smaller, which means residences are closer to each other than in many standard neighborhoods. Tighter lighting restrictions may apply to prevent or reduce light pollution or light encroachment on nearby neighbors. Guidelines for dock and deck lighting also come into play when upgrading an existing system or installing a new lighting system. Both municipal code compliance and adherence to HOA lighting guidelines must be met. A reputable, experienced lighting company will operate within regulatory boundaries.

Failing to comply with building codes when remodeling a lake home, including the landscape lighting system, may not be problematic in the short term. However, the discovery of code infractions when the lake home is for sale can be catastrophic. A thorough home inspection prior to purchase is strongly advised to prevent any surprises.

Following the simple tips listed below can make the lake home lighting endeavor a rewarding experience.

  • Hire a qualified, reputable home inspection professional with specific expertise in lakefront and riverfront properties.
  • Schedule an inspection with a landscape lighting professional with experience in dealing with systems that are exposed to high moisture levels. Dock lighting involves submersible fixtures and components that must be impervious to water intrusion. Not all lighting specialists are competent with this type of lighting.
  • Consider replacing an existing traditional halogen lighting system with LED lighting technology which is safer and more durable than older halogen systems. LED lighting features lower fixture temperatures and lower voltage requirements.
  • Consider light pollution restrictions. Some HOA’s will have well-defined landscape lighting restrictions. A competent lighting design and installation company will ensure that the system is code compliant for the municipality and the HOA.

Southern Landscape Lighting Systems of Acworth, GA, is a leader in lake home lighting and dock lighting. Homeowners can trust the landscape lighting professionals to illuminate a pool, spa, deck, a general recreation area, a fire pit, an outdoor kitchen, an outdoor office or workstation, as well as walkways, steps, benches, water features, gardens, and driveway entrances.

For more information about LED landscape lighting installation and service, contact the office by phone at (678) 324-6842 or email [email protected].

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