Landscape Lighting Installation:

We not only design your system, we also install it.  Using meticulous installation techniques that match the workmanship of our brands of lighting fixtures, your space will be transformed and you will be the envy of the neighborhood. We will go to extreme lengths to ensure you do not see wire and you are absolutely satisfied with the result.

Landscape Lighting Installation:

Free Day-time Consultation/Picture Consultation: We come out in person to your home or business or you send us photos and we discuss options for illuminating the areas you want to highlight. If you have questions about types of products, materials, LED versus halogen, etc., they can be answered with a free consultation. We will provide you with the number of fixtures, types of fixtures to be install, and the price for installation.

Landscape Lighting Service:

Keeping your lighting investment in optimal working condition is accomplished through regular maintenance.  These systems are outside and experience the brunt of what mother nature, your landscapers, your kids and your pets throw at it.  As a result, if left unchecked, your system can fall into disrepair pretty quickly even when using the highest quality materials

Systems We Install

cleaning lenses
re-burying exposed wire
replacing timer batteries
adjusting fixtures and re-aiming where needed
replacement of all halogen bulbs
pruning of foliage overgrowth
free service calls for 1 year following service
greasing sockets

Systems Installed By Another Company

For systems not install by us, we charge a one-time safety check and diagnostic fee to assess the integrity of the system and address what needs to be repaired or upgraded.  If you decide to proceed with the work recommended, more than likely we will be able to service it the same day which would be billed per hour + parts.  However, we may not use the same manufacturer your previous company used and as result, we may have to order the matching material and come back to do the work.  Any future service work would be billed according to the the rates of systems we install.

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