Yes and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.  This is IN ADDITION to having a business license and is an actual trade license that is required by law.  If you are considering multiple quotes, ask to see the competition’s low voltage license before signing any contract (it will start with LV).  This is extremely important for your safety.  Many fires have started from faulty installations or fixtures and your insurance company may deny a claim if they find out you hired a non-licensed contractor.  For more information visit the State of Georgia’s Secretary of State website to review the law regarding this.

There are a lot of factors that go into the cost of every customized job.  Our projects have ranged from $1800-$30,000.  As you can see there is a wide range of project sizes.  But, the average cost of our projects is between $2500-$3000.

We do, but only on professionally installed systems. DIY systems or any systems that utilized Lowe’s or Home Depot fixtures, we are not able to service. Because we take on the liability of any system we service, we have to ensure that the system is up to code and utilizes materials that are going to be worth your while to pay us to fix. We will perform an assessment of your system and come up with the best course of action to ensure you get the most bang for your buck while at the same time being safe.

We only service moonlights that we have installed.  If you have older moonlights that are in need of servicing, we have found that the best course of action is to replace the fixtures, bring the ballasts to the base of the tree if the height will allow it (so you don’t have to pay for a tree climb to diagnose a ballast issue in the future), and replace the wiring up the tree so that it stands off of the tree to allow for tree growth.  Rather than paying for our time per hour to diagnose issues with products with no warranty, it is more cost effective to start over with new fixtures that have a warranty.  Our moonlights come with a 3 year warranty on the parts and labor is warrantied for 1 year.  We also have LED moonlights available that are only 22 watts versus the 175 watt mercury vapor bulbs.

Because these systems are outside, they do require some amount of TLC each year. Even with LED fixtures. Mineral deposits build up on the lenses, landscapers knock lights out of alignment, plant material grows, and bulbs can burn out. This is an important component in ensuring your system does last a lifetime.

We will match a competitor’s bid provided that the competitor has a low voltage license, has a favorable rating with the BBB, and we are able to see their proposal.

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