Alpharetta Landscape Lighting Installation

The Process of a Landscape Lighting Installation Service

Each and every building is different, you know that as well as we do. Every house and business we visit has a different shape, a different yard, different furniture and different needs. That is why we work closely with our clients on customized landscape lighting installation needs. A custom exterior lighting consultation enables us to not only create a landscape lighting design that will meet the specific tastes and budget of our clients, but it also gives us the opportunity to do landscape lighting designs that will illuminate the best features of the building and surrounding areas.

However, while the design and fitting of the landscape lighting differs from project to project, our process is the same. We keep to the same four stage process so that clients know exactly what will happen during their landscape lighting installation in Alpharetta home. Southern Lighting Landscape Systems, one of the best landscape lighting installation companies in Alpharetta, focuses our energy on providing our clients with the greatest value.

1. Consultation

First off, if possible we will come out in person to your home or business. This gives us the chance to really get to know the space we will be working with. We will use this time to analyze the places that need exterior lighting, where the shadows will fall once they are fitted and landscape lighting LED will work best in each area. We also use our consultation time to discuss whether you want to consider low voltage outdoor lighting, if you need deck lighting, if you’d like security lighting, if you’re looking for architectural lighting, or if you’re looking for a mix of them all. After we’ve completed our initial consultation, we will be able to tell you the number of fixtures we believe you will need, the best outdoor lighting for your Alpharetta home or business, and we will provide you with a price for the installation.


2. Night-time Demonstration

If you’re happy with the price and you’re ready to move forward with your landscape lighting installation, then we can discuss a night-time demonstration. We know that it can be hard to visualize what your home or business will look like following your outdoor lighting installation, which is why we give our clients the chance to see exactly what the final effect will look like.

3. Installation

Once we have done your landscape lighting design, we will work meticulously to install it, while going to extreme lengths to ensure that no wires will be visible to you or your guests.

4. Landscape Lighting Maintenance

Your outdoor lights go through a lot so it’s important to maintain a regular maintenance schedule from the get-go. That is why we also offer a landscape lighting maintenance service to all of our clients.

If you’re considering the installation of landscape lighting, speak to the specialists at Southern Lighting Landscape Systems. We’re a highly experienced, qualified outdoor lighting installation company in Alpharetta and we can discuss your outdoor lighting needs in detail and create a well-lit space that will be the envy of all of those around you in no time at all. Contact us today at (770) 691-1221.

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