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Common Landscape Lighting Mistakes: Why You Need Professional Installation

A well-installed outdoor lighting system can really enhance the value of your home and greatly improve your curb appeal. However, there are a number of common mistakes that homeowners make:

1. Not planning properly

Some homeowners fail to figure out the main function of their landscape lighting. This leads to improper installation, so letting a professional suggest light placement for you will ensure that you don’t miss any key areas and that there is a good amount of lighting where there ought to be. If attempting to do your landscape lighting service all alone, you can find yourself with too much or too little outdoor lighting, garden lights that cause unwanted glares and mismatched color temperatures from low voltage outdoor lighting. It’s really not easy to plan and execute the whole process properly, so professional assistance is a must.

2. Not using outdoor LED lighting

Outdoor LED lighting systems are eco-friendly, capable of withstanding natural weather systems and can work effectively in both high and low temperatures. Not to mention that installing outdoor LED lights will also save you huge amounts on your electric bill at the end of each month too. Outdoor led lighting installers are your best option.

3. Installing too much or too little outdoor landscape lighting

It can be tempting to install endless amounts of outdoor lighting to ensure that your space is well lit, but this can lead to your home and garden looking tacky. Finding the right balance is essential. Speaking to an outdoor landscape lighting company, such Southern Landscape Lighting Systems in Alpharetta GA, can help you to avoid this issue, as they will be able to analyze the space you have and tell you how many garden lights will be necessary to achieve the level of lighting you require, not to mention that they will do your landscape lighting installation correctly for you.

4. Poorly matched color temperatures

Color temperatures are often overlooked by homeowners. Different color temperatures can result in different effects, however mixing them requires a careful balance that many simply cannot achieve without professional landscape lighting installers.

5. Lack of variety

Using the same light fixture across your property can make the area seem monotonous. Mixing decking lights, architectural lighting and security lighting together can be one way of creating an attractive but practical space, but it’s a tricky thing to accomplish. The assistance of a landscape lighting installation company such as Alpharetta’s Southern Landscape Lighting Systems is well worth it.

6. Not seeking help from a professional landscape lighting installation company

As you can see above, designing and installing landscape lighting requires a lot of planning. There are several factors that need to be considered and the biggest mistake homeowners make is not seeking out a professional.

Installing one single light is something an amateur could potentially pull off, but if you’re looking to create a space that will wow your neighbors, impress your guests and make the area around your home safe to navigate, you need to speak to a landscape lighting company. Southern Landscape Lighting Systems is an outdoor lighting contractor company situated in Georgia with locations not only in Alpharetta, but also in Marietta and Acworth. Speak to the specialists at Southern Landscape Lighting Systems to organize a free consultation today.

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