Alpharetta Outdoor Security Lighting

The Benefits of Outdoor Landscape Security Lighting

A dark home and yard can be incredibly attractive to potential burglars in the area. Burglars thrive in darkness as it allows them to move without fear of being spotted. Outdoor security lighting installation in Alpharetta properties can therefore act as a deterrent to would-be thieves, and installing outdoor lighting will also increase the chances that you, a passer-by or a neighbor will spot an intruder, should they choose to lurk around. But outdoor security lights can result in a number of other safety benefits too, including the ability to freely move around your own property in the dark without fear of injuring yourself.

Aren’t installed outdoor security lights unattractive during the daytime?

We know what you may be thinking – installing security lights means having to put up with a number of unattractive outdoor floodlights that point towards your home and out across your yard. But you couldn’t be more wrong. Long gone are the days when the term ‘security lighting’ was simply used to reference floodlights and ‘unattractive’ outdoor lighting. Nowadays, security lights can be just as attractive as any other landscape lighting feature. And if well placed by a professional, even low voltage lights can be used as a security measure.

Using outdoor security lighting to create a safe and secure environment:

Using multiple exterior lighting fittings can help to increase your safety and security in a number of ways.

In fact, combining a range of different garden lights can help provide safety and peace of mind while simultaneously illuminating your house, garden and the perimeter of the property all through the night (if you choose to leave them on). Motion sensor lights can help to deter intruders and a well-lit landscape can help you and your visitors to relax and feel totally at ease on your property.

Additionally, installing landscape lighting can help in another safety matter – your own visibility. LED outdoor lights can be used to illuminate uneven pathways, steps and the front of your home so that you can arrive back safely, aided by your outdoor lights. With a carefully thought through landscape lighting design by an experienced professional, exterior lighting can be well-placed in order to avoid dangerous trips and falls as you make your way around your property at night.

We firmly believe that the way a space feels is as important as the way it looks. So, while we still think that it is important to use outdoor lighting to create an aesthetically pleasing area, we recognize the importance in helping you to install outdoor lights that will make everyone feel safe and secure at your home and surrounding property.

If you’re considering installing outdoor lights and you’d like to speak to someone in more detail about the benefits of security lighting or you’d like to run through some landscape lighting plans, contact Southern Landscape Lighting Systems today. As the best outdoor security lighting installation company in Alpharetta, Georgia, our landscape lighting contractors also offer a unique lighting demonstration service which will enable you to see exactly what benefit the installation of garden lights will have on the security of your home.

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