Commercial Landscape Lighting Tips for Acworth, GA, Businesses

Southern Landscape Lighting Systems of Acworth designs, installs, and services residential and commercial outdoor LED lighting systems in the metro Atlanta area. Landscape lighting can positively impact the visibility and curb appeal of a business.

Commercial Landscape Lighting Tips for Local Businesses

The tips below are designed to help an Acworth, GA, business or other commercial entity reap the full benefit of their location through the use of a professionally designed and installed commercial landscape lighting system.

Tip #1. Identify existing signage opportunities and make each one stand out with LED low-voltage landscape lighting

In most commercial settings, a business is permitted to display code-compliant signage. Often this signage is limited in size, color, font style, and font size to comply with municipal sign ordinances and any guidelines put in place by the property owner or property management company. Regrettably, commercial signage is often too small to garner much vehicular or pedestrian attention. If the signage or marquis is noticed, features such as logo design and size, brand colors, font color, font type, and font size render the sign unreadable except at very slow vehicle speeds.

Savvy businesses maximize façade advertising space while staying code compliant. Some mercantile and professional complexes offer opportunities beyond façade signage, and these opportunities include streetside marquis with signs from resident businesses. Make sure this signage is lighted with landscape lighting for nighttime visibility. If the property management company will not outfit the marquis with adequate LED low-voltage landscape lighting, forge relationships with fellow tenants and bring the management company an offer they cannot refuse. By working together, everyone benefits, including the prospective customers or clients who are now able to see and read the marquis that highlights all the outstanding businesses in the retail or professional complex.

Explore the limits of code-compliant signage and highlight with LED low-voltage landscape in the evening and in the morning. If the font size is “up to 8 inches,” make the fonts as large as possible. Avoid serifed fonts. The most readable colors under lights are black on white and dark blue on white, or vice versa. Simple is best; the goal is visibility and readability. Capture the attention of the pre-dawn morning traffic. LED low-voltage landscape lighting costs 80% less than traditional halogen lighting. By programming a morning lighting slot an hour or two before sunrise, a business can win market share from competitors left in the dark.

Tip #2. Create attractive curb appeal with great landscaping

A great landscape attracts attention and creates a positive first impression that can last for months in the mind’s eye of passersby. Once the landscape is in place, light it up with LED low-voltage landscape lighting. Give potential customers or clients something to see on their morning and evening drive-by.

Tip #3. Eliminate distractions and blind spots

Through the strategic use of landscape lighting techniques, a business can enhance visibility, minimize distractions, and eliminate blind spots. Spotlighting focuses attention on signage and key brand assets that identify the company. Landscape lighting also enables a business to highlight products on permanent display. Some façade signage features dimensional lettering, which adds depth to commercial signage. Unfortunately, box letters can create background shadows that render the words unreadable for several hours during the day. Landscape lighting may be able to mitigate shadow distortion during the day. Once the sun sets, landscape lighting can totally eliminate shadows, making signage highly visible and easily read by passing traffic.

Tip #4. Maximize organic advertising opportunities with LED low-voltage landscape lighting

Businesses that effectively target vehicle traffic generate leads, improve sales, and increase profits. Signage and product displays are affordable marketing strategies that can potentially reach every car that passes by the location. Tasteful landscape lighting empowers a business to capture the attention of drivers that pass by the location after dark. The ROI is incredible.

Tip #5. Contact a team of lighting professionals

At Southern Landscape Lighting Systems of Acworth, GA, lighting technicians provide an onsite consultation to discuss improving the visibility, image, and impact of the location with LED low-voltage landscape lighting.

For more information about LED landscape lighting for businesses in the metro Atlanta area, contact Southern Landscape Lighting Systems of Acworth by calling (678) 324-6842 or emailing [email protected].

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