Highlighting the Southern Landscape Lighting Systems Online Portfolio

The lighting team of Southern Landscape Lighting Systems specializes in designing and installing custom landscape lighting that brilliantly illuminates the home or business. They offer the highest quality products, professional design, installation, and continuing service support for their customers.

landscape lighting company

The savvy realtor understands the significant value that unique structural architecture, fabulous outdoor living spaces, beautiful landscaping, tastefully elegant outdoor architectural landscape lighting, and stunning curb appeal add to a home. Headed into the winter of 2020 and what appears to be a vibrant 2021 spring, the median listed price of a home in Marietta, GA, is around $300,000.

Demographic shifts will continue to pressure the real estate market. Identifying every advantage and capturing the full value of a home will be both an ongoing challenge and opportunity for the conscientious realtor or the homeowner considering selling their home.

Picture These Results

Professional real estate photography not only captures a home’s beauty, but it also gets results. These statistics highlight the reality that a picture is worth a thousand words and a whole lot more at the bargaining table.

  • Listings that employ the services of a professional photographer on average sell for $11,000 over market value.
  • Professional photography impacts time on the market. Listings with great images sell fifty percent faster than homes with standard photography.
  • Studies indicate that the vast majority (ninety-eight percent) of homebuyers decide whether or not to walk through a property by first viewing the listing’s online photos.

Will every realtor be able to bring this much value to their clients? Maybe, maybe not. The client can be assured that their home will obtain a higher selling price. Qualified buyers will find the home more attractive. The listing will spend less time on the market and sell faster. That is a solid return on investment.

The online portfolio at Southern Landscape Lighting Systems in Marietta stands out as one of the premier examples of lighting design and lighting photography in the industry. They call on the services of professionals who are “best in class” for this genre of photography. Lighting clients receive a complimentary sampling of lighting images that capture the subtle, stately, and elegant aspects of the project.

The online portfolio at Southern Landscape Lighting Systems is a magnificent display of the best in architecture, landscaping, and lighting design and installation. To experience the power of other-worldly real estate landscape lighting photography, tour the lighting company’s online portfolio. The portfolio is separated into four sections.

Outdoor Living Spaces

In 2020, the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic has caused a paradigm shift in living spaces. Activities, especially work activities, have shifted from the office to the home. Outdoor living spaces have gained a greater significance in the life of the homeowner, and architecture and landscaping have adjusted to accommodate these new needs. This section of the online portfolio reflects these changes beautifully and includes custom photography of the following features:

  • patios, pools, and pergolas
  • outdoor kitchens and BBQ pits
  • fire pits and fireplaces
  • water features: ponds, fountains, waterfalls
  • steps and walkways

The lighting specialists at Southern Landscape Lighting Systems can extend the use of these outdoor living spaces after sunset.

Commercial Lighting

Landscape lighting empowers a business or other entity to communicate its presence and message beyond the limits of daylight hours. In some instances, gross vehicle traffic after dark exceeds normal daytime traffic. After dark, a visual and attractive presence has the potential to keep the message alive and positively impact a business’s future.

This segment of the online portfolio features images that include such subjects as:

  • commercial signage
  • subdivision signage
  • subdivision entrances
  • entrances to gated communities
  • commercial hardscapes: steps, walkways, statuary, branding emblems, etc.
  • products

Outdoor Landscape Lighting

Beautiful landscapes are meant to enhance life. Twilight and evening illumination enables residents and guests to utilize the practical usefulness of an outdoor grill while feasting their eyes upon an exquisite landscape.

This portion of the portfolio focuses on the landscaping of a home or business. Pictures include:

  • trees
  • ornamental trees such as cherry, Japanese maple, and sculpted evergreens
  • shrubs, groundcovers, and border grass
  • entertainment areas
  • steps, walkways, and benches
  • landscape boulders
  • driveway and driveway entrances
  • flower gardens

Natural landscaping takes on a magical, inviting ambiance when illuminated with LED low voltage landscape lighting.

Architectural Landscape Lighting

This division of the image portfolio highlights architectural and structural features of a home. Images include such features as:

  • integrated home lighting designs that capture the unique elements and overall elegance of the home
  • windows, domes, cupolas, custom wind vanes
  • columns and custom gating
  • entrance statuary
  • entrance steps and the front porch and door
  • boat docks and retaining walls
landscape lighting company

For more information about landscape lighting in Marietta, GA, contact the office by phone at (678) 616-9166 or by email at [email protected]. In the meantime, enjoy the large online landscape lighting portfolio on the Southern Landscape Lighting Systems website.

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