Lakefront Lighting: A Two-Front Effort for Metro Atlanta Homeowners

The team of lighting professionals at Southern Landscape Lighting Systems of Marietta is one of the premier providers of well-designed, customized LED landscape lighting systems. Technicians can install landscape lighting for lakefront homes in the Marietta, Acworth, and Alpharetta areas of metro Atlanta.

Lakes near Marietta

The metro Atlanta area, including East Cobb County, has some of the most beautiful waterways and lakes in the South:

  • Laura Lake
  • Chastain Lakes
  • Ashley Lake
  • Fawn Lake
  • Doe Lake
  • Sheffer Lake
  • Lake Waluhi

Stunning results

An internet search of “Marietta GA Waterfront Homes” yielded dozens of listings of homes on or near a lake. A survey of the online portfolios of homes over $500,000 revealed only one image of a home featuring landscape lighting. The image was stunning and stood out dramatically from the other photos of homes on the Zillow listing search results.

Of the hundreds of images of some of the finest homes in the Marietta area, only one listing featured a nightscape image. This is a missed opportunity for sellers and their realtors. According to the National Association of Realtors, 97 percent of homebuyers use the internet to search for the perfect dream home. According to a recent survey conducted by the National Association of Home Builders, 90 percent of home buyers considered landscape lighting a highly desirable feature.

According to Consumer Reports, “Including ‘outdoor lighting’ in a listing description contributed to homes selling 3.1 days faster and for 1.6 percent more, on average, than homes listed without those words, according to Zillow.”

These benefits are the result of simply informing prospective buyers that a home features outdoor landscape lighting. For a $500,000 home, the value added is $8,000.00. A home with a well-designed, customized outdoor landscape lighting system may, in some instances, realize as much as a 20 percent increase in the home’s value.

Tips for home sellers with a landscape lighting system

  • Review the MLS listing for nightscape images of the home.
  • If the nightscape beauty of the home is not attested in the online portfolio, supplement the portfolio with high-quality images.
  • Put these nightscape images at the top of the queue, including the main thumbnail image.

Nightscape images to add to the portfolio include:

  • An entrance view of the home
  • A view of the residence from the body of water
  • An overhead drone view of the residence
  • Unattached living spaces such as a pool house, guest house, studio, or office
  • Outdoor livings spaces (outdoor kitchen, deck, patio, pergola)
  • A water feature such as a fountain, pool, or spa
  • Walkways

Consult with a landscape lighting professional for innovative ways to cast the home in its best light.

If the home does not have landscape lighting, the time is right to create a seller’s advantage. These elements are essential for beautiful and effective landscape lighting.

  • Curb appeal at the front entrance
  • Dock appeal from the water-facing side of the home
  • Ambiance
  • Functionality
  • Safety
  • Security

Curb appeal on two fronts

Landscape lighting enhances curb appeal and increases the perceived value of a home. Residents and guests experience a feeling of comfort, warmth, and serenity at a house with superior outdoor lighting. A lakefront property is unique in its lighting needs. Guests may enter from the front of the home or by the dock from the rear of the house. In both cases, the front and back of the home function as entrances. Curb appeal at the front entrance is just as important as “dock appeal” from the lakeside entrance.  Ambiance, functionality, safety, and security must be successfully achieved from the curb to the front door and from the dock to the back door.

The challenge arises when the homeowner desires dock appeal, ambiance, and functionality on the lakefront while at the same time wanting a measure of privacy when entertaining or relaxing in the backyard. The skilled lighting professionals at Southern Landscape Lighting Systems can execute this delicate balance with the right fixtures, discreet lighting applications, and the use of technology.

Dual risk hazards

A lakefront property affords the homeowner the benefits of living on a body of water: fishing, skiing, swimming, and the natural beauty of the setting. The waterfront also creates safety and security risks unique to the environment. Landscape lighting can reduce security risks while improving safety and mobility.

For more information about landscape lighting installation and service, contact Southern Landscape Lighting Systems of Marietta by calling (678) 616-9166 or by emailing [email protected].

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