Landscape Lighting Company Explains Lighting Types and Techniques

The team at Southern Landscape Lighting Systems of Acworth designs, installs and services residential and commercial outdoor lighting systems in the metro Atlanta area. The company offers a nighttime demonstration so customers can have an idea of how LED low-voltage landscape lighting will impact the visual aesthetic of the home and landscape.

The Aesthetic Pleasures of LED Low-Voltage Landscape Lighting

A well-lit walking path evokes images that are elegant and other-worldly. A well-designed and creative LED low-voltage lighting design and installation can transform any ordinary and mundane landscape, backyard, or front yard into a magical getaway that brings visual, mental, and emotional peace, relief, and refreshment. The enjoyment experienced in the evening wandering the landscape is unmatched and never grows old. Almost as pleasing as roaming the well-illuminated yard is showing it off to friends and family.

Landscape lighting offers practical benefits for Acworth, GA, residents. It reclaims the darkness by illuminating the outdoor living space so family and friends can enjoy the deck, patio, pool, spa, or outdoor fireplace. LED landscape lighting is also beneficial for highlighting green areas such as raised planters, a vegetable or herb garden, a prized Japanese maple, or an elaborate, well-manicured espalier holly on the side of the house. The wide variety of venues, hardscapes, planting beds, trees, statuary, water features, and recreational areas around the home presents an almost insurmountable challenge to the typical homeowner seeking to install an LED low-voltage lighting system that provides safety, security, functionality, a charming aesthetic experience, and an inviting curb appeal.

Why Install Landscape Lighting

Below is an in-depth look at the advantages of landscape lighting.

1. Enhance safety around the yard.

A well-lit pathway is comfortable to navigate, especially for the elderly person who may experience difficulty seeing in the dim, dusk lighting. The loss of contrast affects depth perception, which can make navigating a gentle incline or a set of steps perilous and frightening. Illuminating walls, guardrails, and seating areas can improve orientation.

2. Transform the backyard into a retreat.

Color temperature, light brightness, and positioning, along with beam width and angle, can instantly create an ambiance that gives the yard a more composed and relaxed feel, much like a resort or retreat.

3. Draws attention to the landscape features most valued or appreciated by the homeowner.

 A custom mural from a regional artist, a signature statue from a renowned sculptor, an antique farm implement, a fishpond brimming with award-winning koi, a swimming pool, a putting green, or an illuminated play station for the grandchildren, or a meandering path lined with country rock from the Georgia mountains may be featured attractions in a landscape furnished with a well-designed landscape lighting system. Custom programming capabilities allow the homeowner to create settings and showcase individual elements in the yard.

4. Create a new and original aesthetic.

Fixtures come in a variety of shapes, styles, and colors to accommodate individual tastes and preferences.

5. Improve home value.

According to the National Association of Home Builders, almost 9 out of ten homebuyers rate exterior lighting as essential and highly desirable. A captivating LED low-voltage landscape lighting system can have a positive ROI.

Different Types of Outdoor Lights

The selection of landscape lighting fixtures is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Options abound. Here are some popular examples: uplights, downlights, path lights, deck and patio lights, wall lights, and hardscape lights.

Lighting Techniques

  • Path lighting makes walkways, paths, and stairs safe while adding a warm and inviting atmosphere to the location.
  • Uplighting is perfect for drawing attention to a distinctive architectural feature of the home or an element in the yard. The boulders, trees, or the side of the house are prime subjects for uplighting.
  • Downlighting can be used to brighten an entire area of the yard and improve overall visibility. Moonlighting, a form of downlighting, is used in a tree to make branches and leaves appear as shadows.
  • Deck and patio lighting is akin to downlighting. The light fixtures are more prominent. Consideration should be given to style, size, and finish as a means to accentuate the color palette of the deck or patio. Used properly, this lighting technique splashes sitting areas with a liberal amount of light to illuminate faces and enhance social interaction.
  • Hardscape lighting focuses on walls, steps, pavers, water features, boulders, and firepits. This technique spotlights the object and is employed to light an outdoor kitchen island.
  • Wall lighting involves fixtures that are engineered to light up walls, and these fixtures may be installed in the walls. This technique creates a designer feel for the spaces where this application is in use.

For premium products and superior design, installation, and maintenance, trust the professionals at Southern Landscape Lighting Systems of Acworth, GA. The team can be reached by email at [email protected] or by phone at (678) 324-6842.

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