LED Landscape Lighting Tips to Highlight the Top Landscaping Trends for 2023

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Gardening Trends for 2023

Certain landscape features, such as a column of stately evergreens, a blue granite rock wall, or a cottage herb garden, are timeless and always in vogue. Occasionally, homeowners decide to venture beyond the bounds of traditional landscape design and embrace the new, ending up with a more beautiful, functional, and interesting outdoor living space.

In an article entitled, “6 Garden Trends That Will Be Huge in 2023, According to Experts,” trend spotters predict that in 2023 homeowners will gravitate towards more personalized landscape designs. “Personalization of your outdoor space can take on specific design attributes, but in a lot of instances, it’s more than that. Our research is telling us that gardening offers a unique connection. It could be a connection to the environment–interest in pollinators like bees and birds. For some, it is creating a functional and beautiful space that allows them to connect to family and friends. For others, it’s about developing a calming sanctuary to relax and unwind.”

The pandemic fostered a paradigm shift away from the workplace and focused a renewed interest in domestic activities, including gardening and outdoor living. The article shed more light upon the burgeoning trend, stating, “At the beginning of the pandemic, this interest was more about freshening up the areas where we were spending more time and making outdoor spaces more comfortable. Now homeowners are maximizing and personalizing their outdoor space.”

A deep dive into the consumer research of emerging 2023 gardening trends yielded the results outlined below.

1. The integration of the earthy and the edible throughout the landscape

This trend has planting beds loaded with flowers (the aesthetic), herbs (the delicious), and edibles (the nutritious). The abovementioned article further illuminates this trend, “This trend is about creating a space that is teeming with life and activity. An abundant garden incorporates the usefulness of edible plants with the love of pollinator plants. It also includes providing season-long habitat for birds. Using herbs, trees, and other shrubs and weaving things together in the space. We see this trend surging, especially with younger gardeners.”

Landscape lighting is important to the overall success and full enjoyment of this gardening trend. The garden is more than just a raised bed in the backyard; instead, it blends aesthetics, functionality, and nutritional utility. The integrated garden might include a central feature such as a bird bath, bird feeder, fountain, or statuary. A covered workstation for cleaning tubers, trimming herbs, and processing edible flowers would be a welcome addition. A skilled landscape lighting designer could make the area beautiful and safe with strategic lighting techniques. Pathways through the gardening area can be illuminated tastefully and discreetly for safe pedestrian traffic without compromising any spotlighting of a fountain, birdbath, or statuary mentioned above.

A soft splash of light on the venue enhances the visual enjoyment of the planting beds once the sun descends below the horizon. A simple adjustment on the landscape lighting controller app can bring up the lights for early morning and late evening tending of the garden when the temperatures have cooled. Adequate landscape lighting with the capability of adjusting lighting intensity gives the homeowner/gardener the visual advantage when working the plot.

2. Upscale relaxation that creates the ambiance of being on vacation while in the backyard

Water features, brick ovens, elaborate firepits, large plants, and super comfortable premium quality furnishings adorn the backyard to create a relaxing and enjoyable outdoor experience. The LED low-voltage landscape lighting applications include draping this relaxing tropical vacation vibe with soft, warm lighting that creates a peaceful calm for the homeowner wearied from a hectic day at work.

3. A renewed interest in the traditional, classic garden designs of the past

This retro Victorian trend, though casual and rambling, is organized and settled. By using LED landscape lighting in these designs, homeowners can enjoy the best of new and old. Also, landscape lighting does not attract mosquitos and gnats as readily as traditional halogen bulbs do.

4. Scandinavian minimalism

This trend embraces the idea of creating a cozy, relaxing space achieved by utilizing warm woods, stonework, and black and white colors.

5. Architectural simplicity

Interest in elegant, traditional, and historical aesthetics drives this trend. The repetition of forms through masses and rows and a simple color palate make a strong visual impact. Garden walls, boxwood hedges, and topiaries work well for this trend.


The impact of LED low-voltage landscape lighting

A subtle, tasteful adjustment or a slightly nuanced design shift may have the neighbors asking, “What have you done to your home? It looks amazing!” When making changes to the landscape, even subtle changes, a consultation with a lighting design professional is recommended. Landscape lighting does much more than make the landscape visible after dark – it enhances, embellishes, and accentuates what is already beautiful.

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