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Types of Garden Lighting: Make Your Garden Look Amazing at Night

Beautiful gardens often draw attention to a home during the day. But homeowners may want to show off their gardens at night, too. After all, they put a lot of work into that garden. The right landscape lighting installation can highlight a well-groomed garden at any time. Many of these lighting options come in solar-powered varieties, which can reduce energy costs. Here are some of the best types of garden lighting in Marietta, Georgia.

1. Garden Spike Lights

Garden spike lights are literally lights that are mounted on a short spike. This spike is pushed into the ground. These are typically small lights used to illuminate flower beds and paths.

2. Garden Bollard Lights

Garden bollard lights are lights mounted on a short post and look like miniature versions of street lights. Some emit a narrow beam of light in a single direction and are aimed at lighting a specific object or area. Others provide a wide beam of light up to 360 degrees. These are ideal for large gardens and spaces, including paths and lawns.

3. Outdoor Spotlights

Spotlights are very versatile. They can be installed on walls or trees and angled down towards paths and lawns or mounted on a spike at ground level and angled up towards trees, bushes, and walls. They are designed to shine light on a specific area, but they still provide a relatively wide beam of light.

4. Garden Wall Lights

Garden wall lights are decorative lights that are mounted on walls. They typically don’t offer as much light as bollard lights, spotlights, and flood lights, but they work well for highlighting specific features of the garden.

5. Outdoor Flood Lights

Outdoor flood lights are usually used as security lighting for the front of a home, but they can also provide illumination for large trees or walls. They are used as the sole source of light in a garden, since they will wash out any other light.


6. In-Ground Lights

In-ground lights are just what their name suggests: lights that are in the ground. The face of the fitting is even with the ground. They are used to light the edges of paths, water features, and the faces of steps and walls.

7. String Lights

String lights can add an attractive ambience to a garden. They can be strung along tree branches, walls, bushes, and railings. There are even colored varieties that can add a bright, festive look to a garden.

8. Lantern Lights

Lantern lights are another decorative lighting option. They can be placed around walls, trees, bushes, paths, and gazebos.

Clearly, there are many ways to show off a garden after the sun goes down. Southern Landscape Lighting Systems is one of the best landscape lighting installation companies in Marietta, GA. Let their team of experts help you with the design, installation, and maintenance of your garden lighting. Our knowledgeable staff will answer your questions about your outdoor lighting options and guide you toward a gorgeous nighttime garden ambience.

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