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What Are My Options for Deck Lighting?

The proper lighting can accent a home’s deck, highlighting its beauty and providing safety for those who use it. Without landscape lighting at your Marietta property, use of the deck might be restricted to daylight hours. But by choosing the right deck lighting, homeowners can entertain on their decks at any time, even after dark. There are many options for achieving the perfect lighting for a home’s deck. Here are some of the best types of deck lighting in Marietta, Georgia.

1. Recessed Deck Lights

Recessed lights are placed in the deck floor and illuminate upwards to light the surrounding area. Locations for installation include floor boards and underneath seating areas. Fixtures manufactured from resilient materials are resistant to damage from foot traffic.

2. Accent Deck Lights

Accent lights illuminate from above in contrast to recessed lights. They can be placed on railings and posts or above certain features that the homeowner wishes to highlight, such as a fountain or statue. This can add a decorative effect and increase safety for everyone using the deck.

3. Stair Deck Lights

Stair lights are placed on the vertical riser of stairs. They highlight the stairs and create a safe walkway for those entering and leaving the deck. For commercial buildings that utilize outdoor decks, there are some building codes that require the lighting of steps and stairs, which are satisfied by stair lights. Stair lights are usually small in size and call attention to the area rather than the light itself.

4. Post Deck Lights

Post lights are installed at the top of rails and posts. They illuminate the entrance to the deck along with the surrounding area, providing both ambience and safety. These lights are intended to light a wide area, so they are larger than other types of lights.

5. Solar Deck Lights

Solar-powered lights are an energy-efficient and affordable choice. They feature a small solar panel, which powers a small battery. The battery then provides illumination. They provide light for up to 12 hours, after which they must be charged for about four hours. There are no wiring or connectors involved.

6. Low Voltage Deck Lights

Low voltage lights are another energy-efficient option. They feature halogen bulbs that use around 10 watts of power. They can be placed along walkways, installed in the deck floor, or mounted on walls or along railings for added pathway lighting.

Seek Professional Help for Your Landscape Lighting Service in Marietta, GA

There’s a simple way to decide which type of deck lighting is right for you: ask the experts. Southern Landscape Lighting Systems in Marietta, Georgia, will help you choose the best landscape lighting for your outdoor deck. Our highly experienced staff will answer any questions you may have about your deck lighting options. We will then design, install, and maintain the lighting you choose. Beyond our Marietta location, we service Alpharetta, Atlanta, Sandy Springs, and Acworth in Georgia.

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