Outdoor Landscape Lighting Solutions for Professional and Elite Athletes

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According to the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce, “Metro Atlanta is the ninth largest and one of the fastest-growing metro areas in the nation. Home to six million people in 2019, metro Atlanta experienced the fourth-largest population increase of all metropolitan statistical areas in the nation—an increase of approximately 734,000 people from 2010 to 2019.”

This burgeoning Georgia metropolis is also home to many professional and amateur athletic teams, including:

  • Atlanta Braves-Baseball
  • Atlanta Hawks-National Basketball Association
  • Atlanta Falcons-National Football League
  • Atlanta Dream-Women’s National Basketball Association
  • Atlanta United FC of Major League Soccer

Metro Atlanta hosts other top-level sports teams such as:

  • Georgia Swarm-National Lacrosse League
  • Atlanta Blaze-Major League Lacrosse
  • Rugby ATL-Major League Rugby

Georgia Tech, Georgia State University, Kennesaw State University, and their athletic teams are in the Atlanta area. Night golf is quite popular in the metro area, along with disc golf. The Atlanta area also boasts dozens of public and private middle and high schools with athletic programs. Fulton County features a robust array of athletic clubs and city-sponsored recreational sports leagues.

Problem: The COVID-19 pandemic disrupts training routines for elite athletes at all levels

One expert aptly framed the problem in these terms: “For elite athletes at every level, COVID-19 has disrupted their routines and training for months, undermined a major pillar of their identity, and possibly threatened their livelihood.”

COVID-19 interrupts the professional athlete’s sports career and training regimen

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Atlanta Business Chronicle, and other media outlets reported on the financial devastation the pandemic has wrought on the five major sports league teams. Delays, pauses, then cancellations wreaked havoc on organized professional sports in the metro Atlanta area and across the nation.

An article for the National Institute of Health entitled “Challenges to Athletes During the Home Confinement Caused by the COVID-19 Pandemic,” highlights the need for condition training to continue during delays and pauses in the professional sports season. The article notes the challenges social distancing and self-quarantine present to professional elite athletes.

COVID-19 affects student-athletes at the collegiate level

In a poll of more than 37,000 student-athletes, the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) discovered athletes experienced high levels of stress and depression. Sports psychologists grappling with worried athletes blamed disruptions and uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Approximately eighty percent or nearly 30,000 respondents reported significant challenges with maintaining their athletic training regimens, in part due to limited access to appropriate training facilities.

High school athletes are not immune to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic

Many high school students have been robbed of their athletic experience and other adolescent rites of passage such as award banquets, proms, and in some cases, graduation.  Many of these student-athletes are experiencing frustration, anger, sadness, anxiety, and depression.

COVID-19 stunts the physical development of the youngest athletes

The pandemic caused the cancellation of much of organized spring sports for Atlanta youth. According to a news report from a local TV station, some travel teams resumed “unstructured” practice to the dismay of some parents. Fall and winter organized sports activities saw more delays and outright cancellations. The Metro Atlanta Youth Football League canceled the entire 2020 season.

The solution: LED low-voltage landscape lighting

Research indicates that COVID-19 pandemic policies impede an athlete’s training by hindering access to appropriate facilities. LED lighting can overcome these impediments by transforming an outdoor space into a well-lit, safe, and invigorating training facility. Additional landscaping and the construction of a covered area to provide shelter from the elements for people and equipment are nice amenities.

Some of the benefits of LED low-voltage outdoor lighting for the athlete are listed below.

  1. LED lighting is safe, efficient, and cost-effective.

The LEDs can be adjusted for desired brightness. They require less maintenance, use eighty percent less energy, and last for up to 30,000 hours or more. The fixtures are made of brass, which is resistant to corrosion.

  1. LED can mimic the sun’s light spectrum and does not tax the eyes like fluorescent or incandescent bulbs. Many elite athletes who train year-round battle the onset of depression during the short winter days. Reclaiming the evening and early morning training hours with invigorating LED lighting lifts the spirits while enhancing training and performance.
  2. LED lighting can be positioned and shielded to provide maximum visibility without creating light pollution for the neighbors.
  3. Because LED lighting does not pulsate like gas-filled tube lighting, eyesight is improved along with hand-eye coordination. A millisecond can mean the difference between a foul ball and a home run.
  4. LED lighting is versatile and can be modulated to approximate the light as experienced on the playing field, indoor arena, or night golf course.
  5. LED lighting illuminates at a very low temperature, making the workout environment not so hot during the hot summer months.
  6. LED lighting allows athletes who will be competing in divergent time zones to adjust their training schedules to accommodate their bodies to these time zones. The prior adjustment can improve performance.
  7. LED lighting is perfect for backyard batting cages, golfing cages, putting greens, basketball courts, archery, ping pong, tennis courts, gun ranges, circuit training, and more.

Whether an athlete is a batter for the Atlanta Braves or the local little league team, LED landscape lighting is a versatile and affordable solution to overcome the negative impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on athletics in the metro Atlanta area. Southern Landscape Lighting Systems offers free onsite consultations and after dark demonstrations. This option allows clients to experience the LED transformation before their very eyes.

For more information about LED low voltage landscape lighting in Acworth, GA, and the larger metro area, contact the office by phone at (678) 324-6842 or by email at [email protected].

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