6 Questions to Ask When Hiring an Outdoor Landscape Lighting Contractor

Choosing a landscaping contractor may not be a life-altering decision, but it is still important to properly research local options and ask questions to verify the company has the skills and tools necessary for the project. The experts at Southern Landscape Lighting Systems put together this list of questions that homeowners can ask to ensure they’ve found the right company for their needs.

Southern Landscape Lighting Systems is an award-winning lighting company that serves the metro Atlanta area. Offering design and installation services, including outdoor LED lighting, deck lighting, and security lighting, their specialists are the best in Georgia. 

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6 Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring an Outdoor Landscape Lighting Contractor

 #1: Is the Contractor Qualified?

The installation of outdoor lighting should always be left to an expert, especially because outdoor lighting systems have to be safeguarded from the dangers of weather and water. Before hiring an exterior lighting contractor, ensure that they are licensed. To obtain a license in the State of Georgia, electricians need to take classes and pass an exam. 

#2: Is the Contractor Fully Insured? 

Sufficient insurance is essential to protect outdoor landscape lighting installers and homeowners from expensive claims in the event of injury or property damage. It is best to ask the contractor to see the insurance certificate. 

# 3: Does the Contractor Have Sufficient Experience? 

As with many things in life, the more outdoor lighting installation a contractor completes, the better they become. Ask how long the company has been in business and what other outdoor landscaping projects they have worked on in the past. 

A great way to check on the quality of a landscape contractor’s work is to ask for references from previous clients and view their portfolio.

#4: What Service and Warranty Plans Does the Contractor Offer? 

Good warranties are important. The components of an outdoor landscape project represent a significant investment, and homeowners need to be protected should anything go wrong. 

Because it is outside and vulnerable to the elements, an outside landscaping project must also be carefully maintained. A good service plan removes this burden from the homeowner and is well worth the investment. 

#5: How Long Will the Outdoor Landscaping Project Take to Complete?

Homeowners sometimes do not appreciate the importance of their exteriors until they are out of commission. It is important to understand how long an outdoor exterior lighting project will take and to have the contractor agree on and stick to a timeframe. 

#6: Do They Offer a Satisfaction Guarantee? 

A good landscape lighting contractor will stand behind their work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and will be willing to make changes to the design or features of the outdoor lighting project as needed to uphold that guarantee. 

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About Southern Landscape Lighting Systems

Southern Landscape Lighting Systems is metro Atlanta’s top exterior lighting specialist. They install regular outdoor lighting, LED lighting, security lights, and more. 

For more information about outdoor landscape lighting installation, contact them at (770) 691-1221 or visit their Instagram page for a preview of their work in the Alpharetta area.

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