Alpharetta, GA, Lighting Company Provides Spring Tune-Ups for Lighting Systems

Southern Landscape Lighting Systems of Alpharetta, GA, installs and services residential and commercial outdoor lighting systems in the metro Atlanta area. The landscape lighting installation features a free day-time consultation/picture consultation where the team comes out in person to the home or business. If needed, the client can provide photos, and the design team will explain options for illuminating the areas that the client wants to be highlighted. An estimate is provided that includes the number of fixtures, the types of fixtures to be installed, and the price for the installation.

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Spring has sprung! Trees are budding, and daffodils are jumping out of the ground. Dogwoods and ornamental cherry trees are bursting with blooms. Now is a great time for homeowners and businesses to schedule a spring landscape lighting tune-up.

  • Fixtures damaged during the rugged winter months can be repaired or replaced now. A fully functional system can be enjoyed through the months of spring, summer, and fall.
  • Broken or damaged fixtures may create safety issues when their lights do not illuminate the area.
  • Fixtures, wiring, and junction boxes are more accessible when the foliage is absent or very minimal. Should trees and shrubs need to be pruned, it is not too late to do so. Most homeowners have removed leaves and debris left over from the winter months.
  • Illuminating hardscapes such as pools, spas, outdoor kitchens, patios, or backyard recreational areas that were recently installed makes sense when a crew is already on-site for repairs, maintenance, and adjustments.

Spring is also the perfect time for homeowners considering adding a new lighting system. Safety, accessibility, and enjoyment are compelling reasons to schedule an appointment for a design consultation or a lighting demonstration, especially if selling the home is a future possibility.

The Benefits of a New Outdoor Landscape Lighting Installation

The lighting professionals at Southern Landscape Lighting Systems of Alpharetta encourage homeowners and businesses who do not currently have an outdoor landscape lighting system or who have an outdated halogen lighting system to consider the many benefits of outdoor LED low-voltage lighting. Outdoor LED low-voltage lighting offers many benefits and options that make it a worthwhile addition to any home or business.

These benefits include:

  1. Affordability: LED lighting is more affordable than ever to install, maintain, update, and repair if needed.
  2. Energy-efficient and economical to operate: Commercial outdoor LED bulbs are six to seven times more efficient than traditional competitors in the lighting field.
  3. Longevity: LED bulbs last up to 25,000 or more hours for nearly ten years of service.
  4. Durability: LED lighting technology can take a licking and keep on lighting! There is nothing delicate about the LED bulbs or the rugged fixtures used by Southern Landscape Lighting Systems.
  5. Safety: Since LED systems operate at a much lower voltage, the likelihood of electrocution is greatly reduced or eliminated altogether. Ninety percent of the energy given off by a halogen bulb is expended as heat and presents a potential fire hazard. People and pets can receive severe burns from halogen bulbs if they accidentally touch the fixtures or lenses.
  6. Versatility: LED landscape lighting has the flexibility to adapt to any situation.
  7. Technologically manageable: Outdoor LED lighting systems can be managed remotely using a phone app, laptop, or desktop computer. The options are endless.
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For the client who is ready to move forward immediately with a project, nighttime demonstrations are available. The installation team sets up a live demonstration of the lights so the client can experience the beauty and elegance of outdoor landscape lighting for their home or business.

Once installed, the LED low-voltage landscape lighting system requires minimal maintenance. The landscape lighting design and installation experts do recommend an annual system inspection. The maintenance program includes cleaning lenses, greasing sockets, re-burying exposed wires, replacing timer batteries, adjusting fixtures, re-aiming fixtures where needed, replacement of all halogen bulbs in traditional systems, pruning of foliage overgrowth, and free service calls for one year following service. The team also inspects and services lighting systems not installed by Southern Landscape Lighting Systems.

For more information on outdoor landscape lighting and security lighting, contact the office by phone at (770) 691-1221 or email [email protected].

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