How an LED Landscape Lighting System Can Contribute to Home Security

Southern Landscape Lighting Systems of Alpharetta designs, installs, and services premium landscape lighting systems that enhance the aesthetics, functionality, and security of metro Atlanta properties. The team of lighting professionals creates lighting systems that appeal to the eye and bring peace of mind to the property owner.

Typical lighting fixtures around a residence enhance the security of the home. Floodlights, streetlights, porch lights, and backyard patio and deck lighting create challenges for trespassers and intruders who wish to go unnoticed.   Security lighting that is intentional and strategic can make invisibility almost impossible for an unwanted guest.

The science and application of security lighting techniques vary. Different approaches can be implemented to accomplish the same goal: home security. Listed below are some techniques that utilize LED low-voltage landscape lighting to improve the capability of a security system.

Motion sensors are not always the best solution

The purpose of security lighting is two-fold:

  • deter any trespassers from entering the property
  • enable the homeowner to see any intruders

Conventional wisdom has held that lights with motion sensors provide the best security shield for the home or business. In theory, the activation of the bright lights by an intruder would cause the unwanted visitor to flee.

However, motion sensors fail on two fronts. Activation of the lights means an uninvited guest has trespassed onto the property. The danger threat is elevated. Theft, property damage, or even bodily injury may be imminent. A home or business with motion-activated security lighting is in the dark until the sensors detect the intruder. As a result, the dark residence is an invitation to a potential burglar or trespasser.

A well-illuminated property is much less likely to be trespassed on. The principle is simple: Keep the lights on, and most potential intruders will stay off the premises. Late-night prowlers are seeking easy, low-threat targets. A dark home or business with no apparent security measures in place is an open invitation to criminals. “Come on in! We left the lights off just for you!” is the message communicated by the darkness.

A well-lit home presents a psychological barrier to the intruder. Strategically installed lighting enables the homeowner or security camera to detect any intruders. Criminals are aware of the elevated risk of detection and identification and, in response, will seek easier, less risky prey. The high degree of detection is a strong deterrent to keep criminals from ever entering the premises in the first place. Confrontation is an undesirable option.

Implement a secure strategy

Effective security lighting deters criminals from taking that first step onto the property. LED low-voltage landscape lighting is able to tastefully illuminate the outer perimeter of a property and expand the homeowner’s visual range from the safety of the home.

Configure security lighting with a view from inside the home

Execute lighting accents that add depth to what is visible through windows. Eliminate the dark pockets and shadows that make concealment easy and detection difficult. This goal can be achieved by casting soft lights over primary landscape elements.

Other ways to merge aesthetics, functionality, and security include:

  • indirect lighting
  • proper aiming
  • shrouds
  • task lighting of pathways, steps, and outdoor living spaces (patio, deck, outdoor kitchen, gazebo, sports courts, pool, spa, fire pit, etc.)

Put the spotlight on entryways

Many incidents occur at or near entryways. Since trespassers do not want to be seen, they will not want to approach a brightly lit doorway.

Keep the landscape lighting on and keep intruders off the property

The objections that this strategy is too costly can be easily answered. First, LED low-voltage lighting costs 80% less than traditional halogen lighting. Second, LED bulbs last up to ten times longer than other bulbs.

What about light pollution?

LED lighting technology empowers the homeowner to program settings that enhance security while respecting the privacy of neighbors. With the assistance of a competent lighting design specialist, a security lighting strategy can be designed into the lighting plan. The security setting can be managed from a smartphone or other device. Aesthetics, functionality, and neighborly thoughtfulness need not be compromised in an effort to deter trespassers.

The landscape lighting specialists at Southern Landscape Lighting Systems of Alpharetta offer onsite consultations and nighttime demonstrations so that the property owner can experience the beauty and benefits of landscape lighting firsthand. To learn more information about landscape lighting installation and service, contact the office by phone at (770) 691-1221 or email [email protected].

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