Illuminating Alpharetta, GA, Landscapes With LED Color-Changing Technology

Southern Landscape Lighting Systems of Alpharetta strives to stay at the forefront of LED landscape lighting technology. An exciting trend is LED color-changing technology, which offers many advantages and opportunities for residential and commercial landscape lighting design.

led landscape lighting

How LED color technology works

In the last decade, the advances in LED lighting technology have progressed in giant leaps rather than small steps. In 1962, Nick Holonyak, Jr., regarded as the father of the Light-Emitting Diode, invented the first LED, which produced visible red light. Around 2010, the first LED light bulb for consumer use was developed. Ten years later, LEDs have all but replaced incandescent and compact fluorescent lights (CFL).

Color LEDs are now available and growing in popularity. The technology involves using semiconductors made of different materials, and these various compounds emit light in specific regions of the visible light spectrum. The composition or makeup of the semiconductor material used in the manufacturing process determines the wavelength of the photons emitted by the LED and the resulting color of the emitted light.

Diodes of different hues are combined into a single light to create the color white. Different color combinations can produce a myriad of tints, enabling the lighting designer to choose from a rich color palette to select the perfect blend of light for a unique landscape lighting experience.

Color lighting tips

  1. Colored lighting filters lessen the brightness of the light. This hurdle can be overcome by increasing either the number of lighting fixtures or the wattage of the bulbs to produce more light for a given area.
  2. Shrubs or flowers in colorful bloom appear best in white lights only.
  3. Green or greenish-blue filters enhance grass and green foliage and add depth to the scene.
  4. When used as a focal point, yellow works best on garden sculptures and certain types of shrubbery. However, it deadens the color of grass and foliage.
  5. Red gives the appearance of firelight and enhances a setting that is viewed from a distance.
  6. Blue light generally has an artificial appearance. However, it can be blended with green to be used effectively in a garden.
  7. Pale bluish-white light creates a truly beautiful effect when used for lighting large shrubs and trees.
  8. By mixing colored lights, a variety of intermediate shades can be achieved, creating interesting multicolored shadow effects.

The effective application of colored LED low voltage landscape lighting requires technical skill, an understanding of colored light blending, and an artist’s eye for the beautiful, interesting, and elegant. This ability to create a wide variety of light colors has generated excitement in LED landscape lighting design and installation.

Benefits of this innovative advance in LED lighting technology

  1. Create a nuanced ambiance that draws the eye.
  2. Generate interest and attract attention.
  3. Enrich landscape colors and heighten contrasts when illuminating flowers, grass, tree foliage and bark, mulch, walkways, rocks, espalier, and fencing.
  4. Add visual artistry. With an artistic eye and flair, skilled landscape lighting designers fill the canvas of the client’s yard.
  5. Set the mood with various color temperatures. Warm colors can have an energetic effect while cooler colors provide a sense of calm.
  6. Add life and verve to a social gathering with colors and syncopation.
  7. Cast a unique visual signature for a residential or commercial landscape.
  8. Reinforce brand awareness by using brand colors in the landscaping.
  9. Splash the yard and home with festive holiday colors.
  10. Create eye-popping drama and curb appeal.
led landscape lighting

A subtle, tasteful color addition or adjustment or a slightly nuanced design shift can capture the neighborhood’s attention. The alteration may have been something as simple as manipulating the warmth of the entrance lights so that the initial impact is more inviting and calming! With color lighting, a stunning, breathtaking experience can also be obtained with colored lighting.

Look to the lighting design, installation, and service professionals at Southern Landscape Lighting Systems of Alpharetta to create a nightscape with a uniquely colorful signature.

Contact Southern Landscape Lighting Systems of Alpharetta for more information about professional landscape lighting design. The team of lighting design/installation professionals can be reached by phone at (770) 691-1221, as well as by email at [email protected].

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