Landscape Lighting Tips to Make the Pool and Spa Beautiful and Safe

Whether contemplating a new swimming pool installation or updating a current pool, the professionals at Southern Landscape Lighting Systems urge homeowners to consider pool lighting. Adding lighting to the pool area and backyard surroundings will not only enable the use of the pool at night but will also provide a safer environment.

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Recent events have caused the demand for inground pools to skyrocket in the metro Atlanta area. A recent article in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported, “Since January of 2020, there has been a 17% year-over-year increase in new swimming pool construction in the metro Atlanta area, according to data published in July from Home Builders Weekly. More than 1,300 new pool permits are on record from January through June with the greatest number in Cherokee, Cobb and Fulton counties.”

The lighting experts at Southern Landscape Lighting Systems of Alpharetta understand that effective lighting enhances the pleasure and safety of a backyard pool or spa. When framed in beautiful light, these backyard amenities also add value to a home. Here are several tips to improve and accentuate the backyard pool and spa environment.

Tip #1: Keep the lighting of the pool itself as simple as possible.

Never under light a pool. However, use only as many submerged lights as are needed to adequately light the pool since maintaining these lights can be costly. Install the underwater lights in the deep end so that the light refracts throughout the entire pool. If the pool has a spa, utilize excess light from the spa to light the pool.

Tip #2: A well-illuminated pool deck creates a safer environment for leisure and play after the sun goes down.

After dark, pool activity in and around the pool need not cease. Adequate lighting around the pool reclaims lost hours and allows the entire family to enjoy the pool after dark. Keeping walkways, steps, and obstacles well-illuminated makes the pool area safer.

Tip #3: Pool deck lighting should create as little glare as possible.

A pool lighting layout that creates an overabundance of glare makes it more difficult, if not impossible, for the watchful eye of a parent or guardian to supervise pool activities. An adult or a responsible teen should always be present, especially when little children are playing in or around the pool at or after dusk. Dusk may be more dangerous than full darkness because, at dusk, the pool lights and pool deck lights may not have activated or been turned on. The ability to keep a watchful eye on most or all of the activities in the pool should be a priority of a thoughtful, safety-conscious pool lighting design.

An effective way to illuminate a low-glare environment surrounding the pool is to use tall lamps or to position lights on pedestals or hangers above the pool. Downlighting a tree or trees facilitates pool deck lighting with little glare while capturing the verticality of the trees and their arboreal beauty.

Tip #4: Properly highlight obstacles, ornaments, statues, and water features for both aesthetic appreciation and safety.

The professionals at Southern Landscape Lighting Systems of Alpharetta possess the credentials, expertise, and training to carefully blend the beautiful with the functional to achieve harmony and elegance.

Tip #5: Use LED lights.

LED technology is the best choice for maintenance, service, and safety. The bulbs will last for thousands of hours, use little electricity, and require minimal maintenance. The fixtures that Southern Landscape Lighting Systems installs are the industry standard and are perfect for the pool environment with the wear and tear of pool chemicals and constant activity.

Tip #6: Schedule a consultation with Southern Landscape Lighting Systems of Alpharetta.

Take advantage of a nighttime demonstration when considering a pool lighting plan or upgrade. A pool is a major investment. Highlight the beauty and enhance the safety by enlisting a lighting professional who can design and install a system that achieves both the aesthetic and safety priorities. A safe and beautiful pool lighting design is a combination of artistic talent and lighting engineering that requires skill, knowledge, and expertise. Making pool landscape lighting a DIY project could compromise both safety and beauty.

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For more information about pool and spa lighting tips, visit the Southern Landscape Lighting Systems of Alpharetta website at Contact the office by phone at (770) 691-1221.

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