Seven Practical Benefits of LED Landscape Lighting

Southern Landscape Lighting Systems of Alpharetta designs and installs custom outdoor LED lighting that accentuates homes, landscaping, subdivision entrances, and businesses. The team of landscape lighting experts offers Alpharetta and the metro Atlanta area the highest quality lighting products, professional design, installation, and ongoing service support for clients. The experts provide nighttime demonstrations as well as daytime design consultations.

Why Install Architectural Outdoor Landscape Lighting

The motivations for installing LED low-voltage outdoor landscape lighting are quite compelling for the Alpharetta homeowner. The following seven benefits are attractive to those considering having LED lighting installed in their yard.

    1. Capturing a unique nighttime aesthetic

Outdoor architectural landscape lighting highlights and accentuates the beautiful aspects of the home, the landscaping, and the hardscapes that are a part of the landscaping. This motivation for installing landscape lighting is more personal and individual. Nighttime landscape lighting does not primarily intend to reproduce or mimic a daylight feel or ambiance. Outdoor landscape lighting unlocks a unique aesthetic dimension that can only be realized and appreciated through this medium.

     2. Curb appeal

Outdoor lighting extends the curb appeal of a home beyond sunset. Curb appeal increases the value of a home. A home with strong curb appeal will attract more potential buyers, bring a higher selling price, and sell more quickly.

     3. Nighttime entertainment and leisure

Outdoor landscape lighting enables homeowners to entertain family and friends outside after dark in an inviting, comfortable, and safe environment. Taking hospitality to the patio or outdoor kitchen creates a festive atmosphere that is relaxed and casual.

     4. Recreation

Outdoor lighting allows recreational activities to extend after the sun goes down. Soft lighting makes time in the hot tub or pool relaxing, refreshing, and romantic. Outdoor recreational activities such as croquet, badminton, volleyball, soccer, and Frisbee golf can be safely enjoyed well into the evening hours with LED low-voltage outdoor lighting.

     5. Safety

Strategically positioning landscape lighting at steps, walkways, handicap ramps, and other high-traffic areas creates a safer environment for the homeowner and guests, especially for small children and the elderly.

     6. Security

Outdoor landscape lighting is proven to reduce criminal activity. Landscape lighting can be deployed to enhance the effectiveness of an outdoor video security system by eliminating or limiting shadows and pockets of darkness.

     7. Affordability, durability, and low maintenance of LED lighting technology

LED low-voltage lighting uses much less energy than traditional halogen bulbs. LED bulbs last from 30,000 to 50,000 hours, which translates into well over a decade of lighting satisfaction. The premium fixtures installed by Southern Landscape Lighting Systems of Alpharetta are practically indestructible. The non-corrosive brass fixtures are designed to outlast the LED bulbs. In fact, the heat-dissipating design and water-tight, moisture-resistant construction of the fixtures extends the life of the LED bulbs.

Other practical motivations for installing outdoor LED lighting include creating more opportunities after dark for activities such as:

  • therapeutic yardwork
  • backyard vegetable and herb gardening
  • hobbies such as furniture refinishing, arts and crafts, and tinkering with old cars and small engine repair
  • physical exercise such as circuit training, stationary cycling, and weight training

Southern Landscape Lighting Systems of Alpharetta designs and installs custom outdoor lighting that accentuates features of the home, landscaping, subdivision entrance, or business. The company offers the best quality products, professional design, installation, and continuing service support for its customers.

Landscape lighting installation features a free daytime consultation and picture consultation where they come out in person to the home or business. If needed, the client can provide photos, and the design team can explain options for illuminating the areas desired to be highlighted. The provided estimate includes the number of fixtures, the types of fixtures to be installed, and the installation price.

The Southern Landscape Lighting Systems maintenance program provides services such as cleaning lenses, greasing sockets, re-burying exposed wires, replacing timer batteries, adjusting and re-aiming fixtures, replacement of all halogen bulbs, pruning of foliage overgrowth, and free service calls for one year following service for greasing sockets. The team also inspects and services lighting systems not installed by Southern Landscape Lighting Systems.

For more information about outdoor LED landscape lighting installation and service, contact the office by phone at (770) 691-1221. Southern Landscape Lighting Systems of Alpharetta can also be reached by email at [email protected].

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