Why Using a Professional Landscape Lighting Company Is Important

Southern Landscape Lighting Systems of Alpharetta, GA, offers professional landscape lighting design, installation, and maintenance to Metro Atlanta homes and businesses. The professional lighting team joins creative ability and technical expertise to produce LED low-voltage landscape lighting systems that look amazing and function flawlessly.

Ten Reasons to Hire a Landscape Lighting Professional

A custom landscape lighting design and installation is a professional undertaking. A beautiful execution of the plan can increase the property’s value by as much as 20%. According to a survey conducted by the National Association of Home Builders, four out of ten home buyers surveyed regarded exterior landscape lighting as “essential.” Here are ten reasons to entrust this endeavor to a reputable, professional landscape lighting design and installation company.

  1. A professional designer is skilled at creating complex, multifaceted designs. The challenge of balancing both the beautiful and the functional aspects of a design demands professional expertise and experience.
  2. A professional installation technician knows how to install a lighting system without disturbing or damaging existing public or private utilities such as cable, irrigation, underground electricals, and gas lines. Before beginning any drilling, blasting, boring, or digging, a landscape lighting professional will call 811 to have public and private utilities marked by an underground utility locator. A safety-conscious landscape lighting contractor such as Southern Landscape Lighting Systems of Alpharetta, GA, is a “Safe Digging Partner.”

The conscious landscape lighting professional will also make every effort to avoid disturbing or damaging the root structure of existing landscape plants. This intentional effort to preserve the health and beauty of the homeowner’s plants, trees, and shrubs may require more wiring or a thoughtful adjustment in the lighting plan.

A seemingly out-of-place plant may have sentimental value. The plant may have been planted by one of the homeowner’s children decades ago. Some landscape plants, such as a well-sculpted Japanese maple, may have significant monetary value for the homeowner. Disturbance of the shallow root system can lead to the tree’s death, and the alteration of the branching patterns to facilitate fixture installation and placement can irrevocably diminish the value of the tree. An expert lighting technician will avoid the thoughtless and inept severing of limbs and branches on a highly prized and expensive ornamental tree to make the installation process easier and less time-consuming. A professional realizes the value of plants to the homeowner.

  1. A professional installation technician knows how to correctly install, position, aim, and program the lighting system. The conscientious homeowner will request licensing and certification verification before any contract is signed. A professional lighting specialist will gladly present valid proof of being licensed, bonded, insured, and certified as a low-voltage lighting installer.
  2. A professional installer knows how to install lighting fixtures in hard-to-reach places and on hardscapes such as steps, railings, benches, and retaining walls without damaging the hardscape or the lighting fixture.
  3. Professional landscape lighting technicians are highly efficient. They can install a system in one or two days. The customer can immediately enjoy the landscape lighting. The client will not have to deal with trucks, booms, scaffolding, ladders, and other equipment for days on end. A professional team can install a system in a day or two. A DIY project could take weeks.
  4. The professional technician gets it right the first time! Once the system is installed and tweaked, the likelihood of a call back is minimal. If a call back is needed, the problem may be as simple as a landscape crew disturbing a scene or damaging a fixture, connection, or cable run. Maybe the dog decided to chew on a new fixture, thinking it was a bone. A professional landscape lighting company that is worthy of being referred to friends, neighbors, and guests will respond promptly in days and not weeks or months. Customer service after the sale speaks volumes about the level of professionalism of the landscape lighting company.
  5. When a professional company designs and installs a landscape lighting system, the homeowner should receive or have access to a detailed layout of the system with fixture placements, wiring locations, and junction boxes. This information will prove helpful if the homeowner changes the landscaping or installs a new hardscape such as a walkway, retaining wall, pool, patio, or outdoor kitchen.
  6. If an issue with the lighting arises, the installation team, being familiar with the system, can address and resolve the matter swiftly. Customer enjoyment resumes immediately.
  7. A reputable, professional landscape lighting company will use only the best and highest quality lighting fixtures, wiring, and control software. The use of best-quality, durable lighting fixtures translates into longer bulb life and fewer service calls to repair damaged fixtures. The sturdy, high-impact brass fixtures are engineered with heat-dissipating phalanges and other features that protect the bulbs from the hot Georgia summers and the boots and equipment of landscape maintenance crews.
  8. An established, time-tested landscape lighting team will not be here today and gone tomorrow. Instead, it will remain in the community, providing system upgrades, annual maintenance, and any emergency repairs that arise. Longevity in this industry is a hard-earned badge of solid performance and customer satisfaction.

For more information about LED landscape lighting installation and service, contact the office by phone at (770) 691-1221 or email [email protected].

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