Real Estate Photography: An Elegant Way to Showcase Landscape Lighting

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The Value of Professional Real Estate Photography

Most home showings occur on the weekend between the daylight hours of 11:00 am and 4:00 pm. Few potential buyers will have the time to make a special visit after dark to view a residence in its illuminated glory under low-voltage LED landscape lighting — though it is worth the trip!

Having a portfolio of dramatic nighttime photography can make a real difference in the minds of prospective buyers.Selling a home can be a challenge even in a seller’s market. Every advantage should be taken to strengthen the seller’s position among the competition in order to obtain the maximum asking price. No homeowner wants to leave money on the table. Securing the services of a professional real estate photographer to capture the home in its best light can add significant value to the homeowner in a way that translates into real dollars — $11,000 on average — added to the bottom line at closing.

According to Zillow, “Seventy-nine percent of recent home buyers told Zillow they shopped online to find their home. What’s more, of buyers who purchased in the last twelve months, almost half said that viewing professional photos was extremely or very important to their home-buying experience. In today’s online world, your home’s photos are your first impression, and they’re the best way to pique a buyer’s interest to have them come see your listing in person.”

How to Hire a Real Estate Photographer

Not all photographers possess the same skills. Real estate photography requires knowledge of real estate, a well-defined skillset, special equipment, editing software, and the ability to utilize editing software to cast a home in the best light.

1. Make sure the photographer has experience with real estate photography.

When hiring a professional photographer, the realtor or homeowner should inquire about the prospective hire’s track record. How long have they been focusing on real estate photography? Do they have the equipment and technology needed for a successful photoshoot both during the day and at night? Raw pictures are the foundation of a great portfolio, but does the photographer have the editing capabilities to finesse and refine raw images into photographic masterpieces?

Some photographers enter the real estate market because they perceive an opportunity. Professional photographers who shoot weddings, engagement photos, lifestyle images, or family portraits deliver fantastic photography to their clients. However, these photographers are not necessarily capable of producing top-level real estate photography because the techniques for shooting and editing real estate photos are completely different. Accomplishments in one arena may not guarantee success in another area.

2. Inspect the photographer’s portfolio.

Ask to examine the prospective hire’s professional portfolio. Realtors should want to view the photography of homes that fall within their target market. Can the photographer produce amazing photos of houses similar to the ones the realtor will be listing? If not, then find another photographer. Hiring a novice may save some money, but the lack of experience will likely be reflected in the images. An inferior photo can negatively impact the sale of the house and the professional image of the listing realtor.

3. Look for a conscientious photographer.

The photographer should be properly licensed and insured in case property or persons were to sustain damage or injury from the photography equipment. When hiring a drone photographer or videographer, make sure the drone pilot has the appropriate permits, drone license, certification, and training to ensure a safe experience. Daytime drone video has many useful applications, and nighttime drone video can be breathtaking.

Some photographers use video or compile slideshows accompanied by music. When using music or other content for a listing, the photographer must be able to provide the license for copyrighted pieces of content. The license ensures that the finished product can be posted online without penalty.

4. Inquire about the pricing structure.

When considering pricing, prioritize quality and expertise. Realize that, after the shoot, many more hours will be spent editing the images to achieve the desired results.

Be aware of any use restrictions or fees beyond the actual listing content for which the photos or videos were created. Some photographers will charge extra for the client to use the images on social media, in printed advertisements, or on other platforms or channels besides the MLS.

Additional expenses may involve:

  • licensing fees for the photos
  • printing proofs
  • monthly or annual licensing fees for continued use
  • backup and storage fees

A professional real estate photographer can benefit both the homeowner and the listing realtor by increasing the value of a home by thousands of dollars, generating showings, reducing time on the market, accelerating sales, and delivering measurable ROI. The tips listed above should help the homeowner and realtor find the right photographer for the real estate listing.

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Professional Landscape Lighting Design

Realtors or homeowners who are searching for the perfect landscape lighting design to showcase a house can turn to Southern Landscape Lighting Systems of Acworth. The landscape lighting installation features a free daytime consultation where the team comes out in person to the home. If needed, the client can provide photos, and the design team can explain options for illumination. An estimate is provided that includes the number of fixtures, the types of fixtures to be installed, and the installation price. Once installed, photos will be taken of the illuminated residence. Clients receive several complimentary photos, but they can also inquire about opportunities to receive a full nighttime portfolio.

If the client is ready to move forward immediately with a project, nighttime demonstrations are available. The installation team sets up a live demonstration of the lights so the client can experience the beauty and elegance of outdoor landscape lighting.

For more information about outdoor landscape lighting installation and service, contact the office by phone at (678) 324-6842 or email [email protected].

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