Tasteful Nightscape LED Lighting for Wineries and Vineyards

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Georgia’s robust wine industry: Past and present

Georgia has a rich history of wine production and is home to numerous wineries and vineyards. The American Wineries Guide highlights the robust wine industry in Georgia, stating, “In addition to being one of the largest producers of Muscadine in the U.S., Georgia is also making significant progress with vinifera and French-American hybrid grapes in the cooler, higher elevation northern part of the state. Although Georgia was a major winemaking state in 1900, following prohibition modern winemaking did not return to Georgia until the 1980s with the passage of a farm winery law. The majority of Georgia’s forty-plus wineries are located in the northern part of the state, and nearly all are within a two-hour drive of the Atlanta metropolitan area. Whether you would like to visit a winery that provides beautiful vineyard lodging, has food available to complement its wines, or hosts vineyard weddings, we (American Wineries Guide) make it easy to find the best wine-tasting and touring destinations in Georgia wine country.”

Specifically, a vineyard is where the grapes are grown, usually in orderly rows. A winery is where the ripe grapes are processed, aged, bottled, and distributed as wine. Often, the vineyard and winery are on the same tract of land. Here is where landscape lighting comes into the picture. The winery is usually where people travel, sometimes by the busloads, for tours and wine tastings. At the winery, the vintner (the actual winemaker) or a sommelier (an expert with a vast knowledge of various wines) will lead the tastings and instruct guests about the wines included in the event.

Often, the focal point of the winery is a spacious, beautifully landscaped, and well-appointed building. This structure may serve as the processing plant for the winemaking (or vinification) process when the grapes ripen. When not in use, the facility may double as an event venue for weddings, receptions, reveal parties, family reunions, or corporate gatherings.

Tasteful nightscape lighting tips for wineries and vineyards

Landscape lighting can transport the magic, drama, and mystique of the winery into the evening hours when the sun has dipped below the horizon. With the right fixtures, lighting techniques, and color temperature, a winery and its complement of vineyards, accessories, and landscape features can be elevated to aesthetically sublime heights.

Tip #1. Make a grand entrance

Shrouded in mystique and curiosity, wineries are a favorite destination of the inquisitive, the romantic, and the happy wine-taster looking for an award-winning selection. Capture and highlight the mystique and curiosity of the winery with stunning curb appeal. Create high expectations the moment guests drive through the entrance, and then deliver with some of the best wines found under the Georgia sun.

Tip #2. Roll out the red carpet with LED low-voltage landscape lighting

Enhance ambiance and elevate anticipation with strategic landscaping from the entrance to the parking lot. Uplight ancient oaks that tower above the winding lane to the main facility. Gently splash the serpentine rock wall quarried from the Lexington-Oglesby Blue Granite Belt.

Tip #3. Strike a nostalgic chord by highlighting items of historical note

Illuminate that antique Farmall F-300 and other vintage farm equipment put out to pasture here and there around the property. The 1948 Dodge B-series pickup, arguably the best-performing and hardest-working farm truck in its heyday, deserves its own spotlight as it rests comfortably under its protective awning.

Tip #4. Water features are a top priority

When nature provides a peaceful stream fed by a cascading waterfall, the natural feature deserves the lighting designer’s attention. Adorn the perimeter of the waterfall with several classic benches and a comfortable footpath well-lighted for safety and security. Feng shui need not suffer.

Tip #5. Cast the actual winery in its best light

The winery is where great grapes become an even better wine. Since, in many instances, the winery doubles as an event venue, frame the edifice in a manner that leaves onlookers awestruck. Just look to Pinterest to see how a simple, rustic barn with dazzling landscape lighting is captivating and breathtaking.

Tip #6. Light for safety and security

Walls, decks, benches, steps, stone paths, and sidewalks possess their own nuanced risk hazard and require the skill and trained eye of the lighting designer to make the setting safe without distorting ambiance or creating light pollution.

Tip #7. Go with a “master sommelier” of LED low-voltage landscape lighting.

Southern Landscape Lighting Systems of Acworth is, like many of Georgia’s finest wines, the best in class in the metro Atlanta area. Lindsey Rodericks, the company owner and a gifted landscape lighting designer with thirteen years of experience in the industry, can help wineries create a landscape lighting plan that showcases the vineyard and facilities in the best light.

For more information about landscape lighting design and installation, contact Southern Landscape Lighting Systems of Acworth by phone at (678) 324-6842 or by email at [email protected].

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