The Importance of Hiring a Landscape Lighting Design Professional

The design, installation, and maintenance of a high-quality landscape lighting system is no small feat. A well-executed plan will:

  • highlight the overall beauty of a home
  • draw attention to unique architectural features that set the home apart
  • improve functionality, safety, and security
  • expand the usefulness of the property beyond daylight hours
  • minimize light pollution and encroachment
  • significantly reduce energy consumption and power bills
  • provide many years of uninterrupted service
  • achieve strong ROI on the initial investment
  • enhance curb appeal
  • elevate selling price while reducing time on the market

A shortcoming or failure in any one part of the lighting plan can spoil the experience and cause the homeowner to rethink spending the time and investing the money on landscape lighting. By hiring a competent lighting professional, Acworth, GA, homeowners can ensure that they receive a great landscape lighting experience.

A Professional Design

Efforts to plan and design a custom landscape lighting system without enlisting the expertise, skill, and artistic ability of a professional designer can result in aesthetic and technical deficiencies. First, every homeowner desires their lighting to have aesthetic appeal. To accomplish this goal, the lighting designer must place the light fixtures where the light will cast the perfect beam in the perfect location. Second, the lighting system must also function properly. Technical issues can plague a system from the very first day of operation. The knowledge and ability to design a wiring plan that does not overload the electrical system and still achieves code compliance requires professional expertise.

There are a variety of available landscape lighting fixtures, and each fixture has its own capabilities to meet specific lighting needs. The selection includes wall lights, accent lights, in-ground lights, and well lights. Each fixture offers different color temperature, brightness, and beam spread choices. A lighting design professional is well acquainted with the wide array of lighting fixtures, which component to deploy where, and how the fixtures can be arranged to work in harmony to create the desired aesthetic effect.

The Appropriate Tools

Tools especially suited to the outdoor LED lighting industry allow for the proper, safe, and efficient installation of a landscape lighting system. Most homeowners are unaware of the variety of tools needed in the lighting professional’s “toolbox.” The mechanical trencher is one example of the specialized tools or equipment utilized by the lighting technician. The manual excavation of the trenches where the wire is laid is highly inefficient and physically impossible for most people. Special tools are required to bore under patios, sidewalks, walls, and driveways. The lighting professional brings to the table the right equipment and skills needed to operate the tools. The tools are a force multiplier that significantly speeds up the installation process, reducing the time technicians are onsite for the installation.

Intensive Labor

The installation of a landscape lighting system is a mammoth task. Successful completion of the project requires the execution of carefully coordinated tasks along with intensive labor. A vigorous, seasoned professional and an experienced work crew may need a full day or two to completely install, test, and perfect a lighting system. The DIY homeowner may take or week or more on the system working in the evenings and a weekend or two. In some situations, the homeowner realizes the scope of the project and calls in the professionals. Regrettably, the work that has been completed must be corrected, repaired, or replaced. The additional work may cost more than a turnkey job because so much time was wasted resolving issues created by a well-intentioned homeowner. Professional proficiency ends up taking less time and costing less than a DIY project. Also, the knowledgeable professional will install at or above code compliance. The peace of mind the homeowner enjoys is priceless. Finally, a professional installation avoids the embarrassment of having a home inspector break the news a day before closing that the landscape lighting system is not up to code and all the wiring h must be reburied at the proper depth.

Professional Problem-Solving

The consummate landscape lighting professional installs the system according to industry-standard guidelines and building code regulations. The conscientious installer performs tests at each stage of the project to identify and resolve issues in each zone. An arsenal of troubleshooting tools and problem-solving skills increases efficiencies and avoids the need to reinstall some or all of the entire set of lights.

Peace of Mind and No Regrets

The professionals at Southern Landscape Lighting Systems of Acworth offer homeowners the opportunity to see for themselves what their home will look like under the lights. A night-time demonstration whets the appetite for what awaits the homeowner who entrusts the planning, design, installation, and maintenance to true professionals.

Contact Southern Landscape Lighting Systems of Acworth for more details about professional landscape lighting design, installation, and service. The Acworth office can be reached by phone at (678) 324-6842 or by emailing [email protected].

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