Tips on Lighting up the Home This Holiday Season With LED Landscape Lighting

Southern Landscape Lighting Systems of Acworth, GA, designs and installs custom outdoor landscape lighting that accentuates the home, landscaping, subdivision entrance, or business. They offer the highest quality products, professional design, installation, and continuing service support for customers.

This holiday season will be like none other in light of the events of the past year. More time than ever is being spent in and around the home. Landscape lighting serves to increase the functionality of outdoor living spaces after dark. Outdoor entertainment and recreation will continue to be popular even as the days shorten and grow colder.

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The autumn chill signals the advent of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the New Year, holidays marked by decorating, entertainment, and celebration. Here are some tips for decorating the home and landscape during this season of thanksgiving, joy, and celebration.

Tip #1: Identify and utilize existing landscape lighting focal points as a starting point for decorating.

Modifying the existing low voltage LED landscape lighting system may not be necessary once illuminated focal points have been identified and evaluated for their suitability to accommodate decorations. Great landscape lighting designs accentuate features that improve curb appeal. Examples of existing highlighted focal points include:

  • The driveway entrance and associated ornamentation such as columns, walls, gates, boulders, fencing, signage, and landscape beds
  • The front porch, including the walkway leading up to the porch, shrubs, flower beds, steps, and railings
  • Potted or free-standing topiary such as European box, arborvitae, bay laurel, holly, myrtle, yew, and privet
  • Attractive trees, shrubs, and beds
  • A fountain, statuary, or artwork

Tip #2: Narrow down the list and select the illuminated landscape and hardscape features that will be decorated for the holidays.

Having a list of qualified decoration sites simplifies the process and ensures that the holiday additions will receive the spotlight they deserve. Garland, cornstalks, or hay bales at the driveway entrance, an elf sitting on a landscape boulder, deer in the front yard, or the Thanksgiving or Christmas scene on and around the front porch can be enjoyed during the day and into the evening when existing landscape lighting is effectively utilized.

Tip #3: Decorate!

After identifying and choosing the illuminated areas that will receive attention, decorate! Locate the existing lighting fixtures and be careful when working around them. Southern Landscape Lighting Systems of Acworth, GA, uses the highest quality fixtures for their lighting installations. The products are rugged, sturdy, and durable. Low voltage LED lights are not nearly as fragile as other options and are more tolerant of jostling or impact. Knowing where the landscape lighting wiring is located before digging or staking will help prevent damaging or cutting through the wiring.

Not only are LED lights much sturdier and resilient to jostling and impact, but they also illuminate at a much lower temperature than halogen lights. Maybe now is the time to upgrade the lighting system. LED lights are warm to the touch and do not pose a fire hazard. Flammables such as hay bales, corn husks, or scarecrows can catch fire if placed too close to conventional types of lighting fixtures. The possibility of severe burns from LED does not exist unless the fixture is malfunctioning. Children are often fascinated with holiday decorations and will explore the scenery. Low voltage LED lighting is child and pet safe.

Tip #4: Schedule a year-end service and maintenance appointment.

After investing the time and energy to plan and execute a fabulous holiday season decorating plan, schedule a service and maintenance appointment with Southern Landscape Lighting systems to ensure the added features receive the highlighting they deserve. Maintenance includes cleaning lenses, greasing sockets, re-burying exposed wires, replacing timer batteries, replacing all halogen bulbs, pruning foliage overgrowth, adjusting fixtures, and re-aiming where needed.

If the landscape lighting system has not been inspected in more than two years or the highlighted areas need clean up, pruning or wiring re-buried, schedule the service and maintenance appointment prior to adding holiday decorations.

Decorating Tip: Enjoy perusing a host of inspiring ideas for decorating the front porch this Thanksgiving from Southern Living Magazine.

Southern Landscape Lighting Systems installs and services residential and commercial outdoor lighting systems in the metro Atlanta area. The landscape lighting installation features a free day-time consultation/picture consultation where the team comes out in person to the home or business. An estimate is provided that includes the number of fixtures, types of fixtures to be installed, and the installation price.

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For the client who is ready to move forward immediately with a project, nighttime demonstrations are available. The installation team sets up a live demonstration of the lights so the client can experience the beauty and elegance of outdoor landscape lighting for their home or business.

The Southern Landscape Lighting Systems maintenance program includes cleaning lenses, greasing sockets, re-burying exposed wires, replacing timer batteries, adjusting fixtures and re-aiming where needed, replacement of all halogen bulbs, pruning of foliage overgrowth, and free service calls for one year following services to grease sockets. They also inspect and service lighting systems not installed by Southern Landscape Lighting Systems.

For more information about outdoor landscape lighting installation and service, contact the office by phone at (678) 324-6842 or email [email protected].

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