4 Things to Keep in Mind When it Comes to Outdoor Lighting in Atlanta, GA

After working with so many residents in Georgia, especially around Atlanta, Acworth and Sandy Springs, we have identified five things people seldom remember to consider when designing and installing their landscape lighting.

Creating excellent outdoor lighting is an artform. Exterior lighting systems can be complex for anyone who is not a landscape lighting contractor as finer details are often overlooked. It can be extremely frustrating to invest time, money and energy into a project only to have it turn out completely different to your vision, or not work at all.

Before you begin planning your landscape lighting, here are a few things to consider.

Light pollution

Light pollution refers to human-made light present at night. When light pollution is excessive, it can have serious effects on nature as well as people’s sleep cycles. To ensure you and your neighbors have a good night’s sleep, try to keep your photopollution footprint to a minimum.

You can reduce the effect your landscape lighting installation has in this regard by only switching on lights when needed, keep brightness and number of lights to just what is necessary, avoid using lights that emit blue light and only illuminate the areas that need it.

Less is More

Not only can excessive outdoor lighting affect your sleep, but it can also have the opposite effect you were looking for when envisioning how your property could look at night. It is possible to get carried away and over-invest in the number, spacing, strength, and coolness of the lights.

You could end up with somewhat garish lighting instead of setting a glamorous tone to your home exterior. Consider experimenting first, or at least start by purchasing the bare minimum lighting and work your way up from them once you’ve seen the effect. Aim for quality rather than quantity.


Once you’ve successfully installed your architectural lighting and the sunsets and your lights illuminate the garden perfectly just as you had planned, it is tempting to put your feet up and consider the job done.

However, no matter how good your system is or what fittings and bulbs you have used, there is always going to be some maintenance required for optimal upkeep. This is especially necessary if you are using your lighting as a security measure.

If you understand your system well, you might want to undertake the upkeep yourself. However, delegating to a reliable landscape lighting maintenance service can be a simpler solution. Also in this way, as your garden grows, they will ensure the lighting system evolves with it.

Enlisting the Professionals

What we sometimes forget is installing lights can be potentially dangerous and a sound understanding of electrical installations before beginning is highly recommended. It can be simpler and safer to hire a professional landscape lighting service. Make sure they have a low voltage electrical license and experienced staff so that you, your family and your home are safe.

Best of luck with your lighting project from your Atlanta Southern Landscape Lighting Systems!

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