5 Ways Landscape Lighting Can Improve Property Curb Appeal 

The improvement of curb appeal through landscape lighting is a key suggestion that real estate agents make when trying to help homeowners make a good first impression with their property. But it’s not only for people who are looking to sell, but it’s also about having a home that makes the most of its natural features.  

Proper landscape lighting is something that interests property owners who want their home to stand out from other neighboring houses on the street, and it makes a dazzling impression on guests that come over in the evening. Those benefits aside, landscape lighting also works to make homes easy to find for first-time guests as well as significantly improving the security and safety of the property. 

Southern Landscape Lighting Systems, the leading landscape lighting company in Marietta, GA shares five things that their team focuses on when improving the curb appeal of a property.  

1. Highlight Architectural Features with Up-Lighting 

LED landscape lighting technology has developed significantly over the last decade and is now the premier way to illuminate the best exterior features of a home. During installation, a professional landscape lighting contractor will ensure that no lights shine directly on the windows of the home. Instead, they will work to create a balance where pillars, external décor and other architectural features of the home receive the benefit of uplights 

Although the advantages of uplights only become apparent after dark, the impressive effects are worthwhile. It is important to note that uplighting can be difficult to get right and may require the services of an experienced landscape lighting company. 

2. Create Silhouettes of Landscaping Features 

If the garden has natural highlights such as an impressive tree, or attractive bush, those can be made into visual highlights. Additionally, any striking or noteworthy statues, fountains or structures that can be incorporated into a landscape lighting installation.  

3. Maximize the Impact of Landscape Lighting by Using a Timer 

With busy days and a packed schedule, it can be difficult to remember to switch on LED landscape lights. For families that have long days, arriving home after dark doesn’t have to mean arriving in the dark. This problem can be easily solved with a timer so that the family, along with visitors and neighbors can enjoy the outdoor lighting installation as soon as it gets dark. 

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4. Create Visual Interest by Contrasting Areas of Light and Shadow 

If the garden lacks visually interesting architectural features, another way to draw attention is to make the lighting itself the feature. Here it is important to interplay light and shadow to create interest. This technique is effective for newly planted gardens and is a good alternative while the planted features develop and mature.  

5. Integrate Outdoor Lighting Into the Overall Landscaping Plan 

When developing the overall plan for a garden’s landscape, it is vital that thought and attention go into how the garden will look after dark. You should take full advantage of landscape lighting as it highlights the beauty of your home. To create a cohesive, visually appealing landscape lighting installation and add to a home’s curb appeal, the installation of LED lighting cannot simply be an afterthought. 

Southern Landscape Lighting Systems, the best landscape lighting company in Marietta GA, provides residents and business owners with custom landscape lighting installations designed to improve the curb appeal of their clients’ properties. In addition to the tips that they have shared in this article, the team will go one step further and create a demo installation of the outdoor lighting that they think would work for the specific property.  

In all interactions with clients, they aim to share their knowledge and expertise, as well as delivering high-quality landscape lighting solutions that exceed the expectations of their customers. 

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