We all do it: we look at our yard, then glance over at our neighbor’s greener and livelier one, then back at ours. Even if you don’t think anything’s wrong with it, eventually… you compare. So, what do you do about it? Spy on your neighbors? There’s no need to go that far. Just follow these tips, and soon, you’ll be the envy of the neighborhood!

If your yard is completely flat and devoid of life, resuscitate it! Bring in flowers and small shrubs. Maybe even plant a young tree or two. Make sure you plant in season, and know how to properly maintain and care for the plants you choose. Choose a variety of different types of foliage, and carefully plan where to place them. Moving them to the outer edges of your yard will give you more space. Make sure they’ll get plenty of sunlight (or shade, if they’re sensitive to too much sun). Keep everything neatly trimmed and pull any intruding weeds.

  • Take Care of the Lawn

As you’re tending and maintaining your new foliage, don’t forget about the lawn. Mow regularly – an unruly lawn can combine with the plants to create a jungle. Rake up any fallen leaves. They might look pretty, but they’ll block the sun from reaching the grass. Lay down fertilizer in the spring. And if you haven’t had a good rain in a few days, make sure to water both the lawn and the plants.

  • Add Extras

A few nice additions can give your yard some character. Putting up lattice can offer the additional benefits of hiding unsightly areas or protecting dangerous areas (such as stairwells) from children and pets. The right bench, sculpture, or birdbath can also add style to your yard.

  • Build Extra Features

Consider dedicating a section of your yard to a specific feature. Building a firepit can inspire gatherings around a warm fire in the evening, and digging a pond can bring life to your yard. Both projects can be costly if you opt for professional, high-end versions, but if you know what you’re doing and have the right materials, you could do it yourself.

  • Light Up Your Home

All of these upgrades and new features will look great during the day, but you want people to admire them if they arrive after sundown, too. LED lighting can help them do that. Outdoor LED lighting comes in many forms and styles – you are only limited by your imagination! The lights will also increase your home’s security and safety by warding off potential burglars. LED lights also tend to scare off wild animals, so you don’t have to worry about something getting into your garbage or snooping around your porch.

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