Southern Landscape Lighting Systems of Acworth shares 7 advantages of featuring the driveway lighting design.

The driveway is a significant hardscape feature of most homes and has been for over a hundred years. Historically, most houses built before 1850 were reached by way of dirt paths, which were direct and narrow rather than meandering and broad. They were for people, not carriages or motor vehicles which would only become commonplace in the early 20th century. Prior to the invention of motor vehicles, only the wealthy and landed had long, winding driveways with sophisticated entrances. The word “driveway” came into usage around 1871 and was originally a dirt path that a horse or carriages used to access the front of a home. During the second half of the 19th century, more creative driveways began to appear with nicer homes. Semi-circular drives, curving walks, and curbing also came into usage.

By design or by default, the driveway is a prominent hardscape feature for most homes, and it deserves attention because of its inescapable prominence. It is a serious error to neglect or ignore the driveway when considering a landscape lighting design. The design significance of the driveway cannot be overstated. The driveway with its attendant borders, curbing, vegetation, gates, fencing, entrance columns, decorative stones, and other features create a lasting first impression of a property.

A well-designed lighting plan for the driveway can make a powerful statement after the sun goes down. It could be argued that the lighting design for the driveway may very well be the most important aspect of lighting design. Having a professional lighting design specialist feature the driveway and entrance in a way that is complementary to the rest of the residence or estate is highly recommended.

There are many reasons to consider installing driveway lights, including aesthetics, pragmatism, beauty, and functionality. Southern Landscape Lighting Systems of Acworth has completed many lighting installations over the years and is sharing reasons why homeowners may want to invest in driveway lighting.

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1. Delineates Driveway Entrance and Borders

Driveway lights are often used to illuminate and clarify the entrance and boundaries of a driveway, helping drivers find the entryway and make their way to the parking area. It also protects landscaping adjacent to the driveway and provides overall lighting for the area.

2. Strengthens Security

A well-lit driveway, yard, and home can dissuade potential intruders. If the homeowner has a security camera, the lighting will better illuminate video footage.

3. Elevates Safety

Landscape lighting provides the necessary brightness to make driving and walking at a residence safer. It reduces the likelihood of tripping in dimly lit areas and can be a critical safety component for some driveways. For example, if the driveway has a narrow entrance, bridge, large trees, or a drop off along the borders, driveway lighting can be positioned to mark boundaries and alert drivers to potential hazards.

4. Impresses Guests

For a home that sits back from the road, the driveway may be the first landscape feature guests see as they arrive. For that reason, the driveway will be a foundational part of the impression that visitors have of the home. Even for homes with short driveways, lighting can increase curb appeal and enhance a home’s appearance.

5. Illuminates Parking Areas

This reason could be included under safety. However, outdoor lighting can also be used to clearly mark parking areas so that guests are aware of exactly where it is appropriate to park.

6. Protects Structures and Landscape Features

This can include carports, posts, walls, garage doors, or landscaping features that drivers may find difficult to see.

7. Enhances the Ambiance

In cases where the driveway is particularly long, a well-designed driveway lighting system can transcend merely illuminating for the sake of safety. The road to the home can be more interesting and impactful. For example, outdoor lighting can be used to highlight interesting trees or landscaping features along the driveway. If the driveway has a unique pattern or stamping, lighting can be positioned to highlight these artistic aspects.

When considering a landscape lighting installation, the beautiful need not eschew the practical and functional. Instead, the practical and functional can embrace the upper limits of the most sublime aesthetic.

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