There are so many great ways that outside lights can enhance your home.

That’s probably why outdoor lighting is the most popular exterior feature for homeowners today.

When installed by the right professional, you’re sure to love the results for years to come. Get ideas for lighting the exterior of your home with these seven popular options.

 1. Use Outdoor Lights to Mark the Walking Path

Using outside lights on a walking path makes it safer and more visually appealing.

The lights can be positioned in a way that naturally draws the eye to the end of the path, providing a sense of direction.

2. Add Color

Lighting doesn’t just have to be in different hues of white.

It can come in whatever color your heart desires. You can create an interesting image using colored lights for everyday use, holiday decorations, and more.

3. Moon Lighting

Moon lighting is a technique of placing cool toned lights toward the tops of trees in a way that makes the whole tree glow as if it is being hit with the light of a full moon.

This creates a magical, enchanting feeling that is hard to achieve any other way.

4. Hardscape Lighting

Usually accomplished with thin laying LED strips, hardscape lighting allows light to emanate from underneath steps, railings, countertops, or wherever else you can think of.

5. Water Lighting

It’s a valuable safety feature to prevent falling in a dark body of water.

Plus, lighting bodies of water, such as swimming pools, hot tubs, and fountains, adds a beautiful elegance. It can emphasize the body of water as the focal point of your yard, or use more subtle lighting to transform it into an oasis.

You can even strategically light objects around bodies of water so that they reflect in the water

6. Uplighting Objects

You can make features such as statues and trees stand out with uplighting. This creates an eye-catching effect that makes your home look more luxurious.

You can have the light manipulated to create a full light, balanced aesthetic or one that incorporates shadows.

You can enhance the beauty of different types of flowering plants. Landscaping is expensive, and lighting will allow you to enjoy the beauty even after the sun goes down.

7. Security

What’s a common scare tactic in every horror movie ever? Darkness.

Outdoor lighting helps you feel safe and secure and can even deter break ins.

Increasing visibility decreases potential hiding places for burglars. Motion sensor lights are especially effective as they make the burglar think someone has caught them.

Let the Professionals Install Your Outside Lights

These are just a few of the ways to use outdoor lights. For even more ideas, check out the Southern Landscape Lighting Systems portfolio.

We provide you with superior service, including nighttime demonstrations and daytime design consultations.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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