Acworth Landscape Lighting Company Offers Four Urban Garden Lighting Tips

As COVID-19 continues to run its course, cities and countries around the world have mandated that citizens stay at home to flatten the curve. As Acworth and other metro Atlanta residents shelter in place, the rooms and outdoor spaces where they once spent only a few waking hours a week now encapsulate their entire existence. This short-term recalibration will have long-term effects since the home is now the hub of activity for most of the day and night.

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A recent headline at Reuters identifies a growing trend toward urban and backyard gardening: “Home gardening blooms around the world during coronavirus lockdowns.” The article notes, “People around the world are turning to gardening as a soothing, family friendly hobby that also eases concerns over food security as lockdowns slow the harvesting and distribution of some crops. Fruit and vegetable seed sales are jumping worldwide.”

Southern Landscape Lighting Systems of Acworth is sharing four landscape lighting tips to help make a backyard garden safe and flourishing.

Tip #1: Schedule a landscape lighting consultation and maintenance service before laying out the garden plot and tilling the ground, especially if a lighting system is already installed. Identifying wire and fixture locations before breaking ground prevents damaging the system by cutting wiring or cracking fixtures. A general checkup and maintenance visit would include:

  • Cleaning lenses
  • Re-burying exposed wire
  • Replacing timer batteries
  • Adjusting fixtures and re-aiming where needed
  • Replacement of all halogen bulbs
  • Pruning of foliage overgrowth
  • Greasing sockets

Tip #2. Make a list of urban garden lighting goals. The goals might include:

  • Being able to work when it is dusk or dark, both in the early morning and evening
  • Being able to stroll through the garden safely and comfortably after dark
  • Being able to remotely illuminate the plot when deer, raccoon or other uninvited guests are looking for a nighttime snack
  • Highlighting features in the garden that are more aesthetic than nutritional, such as a birdbath, water feature, or sitting area
  • Illuminating a workstation where the fruits, vegetables, herbs, and other plants can be safely and comfortably processed
  • Having a well-lighted path from the home to the garden
  • Having the garden lighting accessible for seasonal adjustments
  • Being careful to avoid light pollution

Tip #3: Enlist a professional design and install team. Other considerations come into play that the homeowner may not be aware of. Installing a DIY system may not only be ineffective, but it could also be dangerous in a garden that has either overhead or drip irrigation. Water and electricity do not mix, and extension cords and utility lights spell trouble. A professionally designed and installed system will be safe, efficient, and effective to accomplish the desired goals.

Tip #4: Plant year-round and recoup the investment. The Georgia Extension Service notes that crops, including urban garden crops, can be raised year-round. Having a productive year-round garden will offset the cost of the installation and may well recoup the investment in as little as a growing season. “You can plant or harvest something from your garden almost all year. The two major planting periods, however, are spring (March to May) and fall (mid-July to September). The spring plantings are harvested in June and July, while the fall plantings are harvested from October to December.”


With the renewed interest in backyard gardening, homeowners can enjoy an illuminated gardening area that can be safely worked after dark when it is cooler. Produce from the garden can offset the expense of the urban garden lighting project very quickly.

Southern Landscape Lighting Systems is made up of a team of licensed professionals who offer residential and commercial services in the metro Atlanta area. These experts design and install custom outdoor lighting to accentuate features of the client’s home, landscaping, subdivision entrance, or business. Southern Landscape Lighting Systems delivers the highest quality products, professional design, installation, and continuing service support for customers.

For more information about landscape lighting in Acworth, GA and the greater Atlanta areas, call Southern Landscape Lighting Systems of Acworth at (678) 324-6842.

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