Outdoor LED Lights: Why LED Bulbs Are The Best Choice To Use Outside The Home

With LED bulbs, you can light up your outdoor patio like never before. With these bulbs, your house will look brighter and you’ll end up paying less.

Want to learn more? Keep reading for some of the best reasons why LED bulbs are the best choice for your outdoor lighting.

Outdoor LED Lights: Why LED Bulbs Are The Best Choice To Use Outside The Home

LED flood light isolated on white

1. They’re Cost Effective

LED bulbs are among the most cost effective lighting solutions on the market. Even if you choose to have a professional team come to your home and aid with installation, you’ll still save money.

Best of all, LED bulbs are designed to last for years at a time. In fact, one site estimates that they can last up to 50,000 hours. No more trips to the hardware store. Just buy a few bulbs, install, and enjoy your outdoor area.

And if you’re concerned about saving money on your energy bill, we’ve got some great news. Outdoor LED lights may look brighter, but they’re often cheaper than their counterparts.

If you’re really looking to save, consider buying a timer so your lights are only on during certain portions of the day.

2. Outdoor Lighting Makes Your Home Safer

If you’ve been considering a home security system, you may want to hold off, this tip is for you. Not only will your outdoor lighting make your home look better — it can help keep you and your family safe.

According to one report, homes with strong outdoor lighting will deter burglars and unwanted guests.

If safety is an issue for you and your family, consider using a motion activated lighting system.

3. They’re Eco-Friendly

Of course, cost and security are just one of the reasons to use LED bulbs. If you’re concerned about the environment, these bulbs are definitely for you.

LED lights will keep your energy costs down and your carbon footprint smaller. Not only will you do your part in making your home look great, you’ll be helping the earth!

4. Outdoor Lighting Helps Property Value

We’ve got some great news for anyone looking at putting their home on the market! By including outdoor lighting — LED or otherwise — you’ll boost your property value by around 15%-20%. That’s a pretty substantial bump.

Best of all, your neighbors will thank you. Your property’s value has an effect on the entire neighborhood’s value, so you’re doing everyone a favor.

5. You Can Get Creative

While there’s nothing wrong with your standard LED bulb, feel free to get more creative! LED lighting comes in tons of different colors, and even shapes.

Better yet, mix and match for some creative results. Go with a standard white for your walkway, then pick something softer on your patio to set a relaxing mood.

If you’ve ever dreamed of having the perfect patio, now’s your chance. Get in touch today and see how LED lighting can make your home feel brand new again.

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