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It is imperative that people become more conscious of the impact their choices have on the environment and the people around them. Making better decisions when it comes to outdoor lighting for homes and business is another way people can become more responsible citizens.

The team at Southern Landscape Lighting Systems enlighten us on the latest technology in the field of lighting, how to reduce our impact on the environment by making more educated choices, and how to improve our health and that of the people around us through better lighting design.

Switching to LED (light emitting diode) lights is a big step towards taking better care of the environment. LED lights can be up to 80% more energy efficient than the fluorescent and incandescent lights we tend to use. That means LED lights use most of the energy they receive for creating light and very little gets turned into heat, whereas the opposite is true for the alternative lighting options.

LEDs also require much less power to create the same amount of light as fluorescent and incandescent bulbs. The more LED lights are used, the less electricity needs to be produced resulting in fewer emissions that destroy the ozone. LEDs also do not contain toxic chemicals, unlike fluorescent lights.

Having a significantly longer lifespan, LEDs reduce the amount of materials required to make lights, package them and transport them, significantly reducing your carbon footprint. Switching to LED lights for exterior lighting becomes the obvious choice.

Outdoor Lighting Company Alpharetta GA, Outdoor Lighting Contractor Alpharetta GASouthern Landscape Lighting Systems further explained to us a phenomenon called ‘light pollution.’ This term refers to excessive light from manmade sources at night. Light pollution not only has a negative impact on nature but on people too. Artificial lights disturb the sleep of nocturnal animals, reducing reproduction rates of certain species. Sleep cycles of humans are also being disrupted as a result of excessive light pollution, resulting in physical and mental health problems.

They suggest being more strategic with outdoor lighting. LED lights are more focused than other globes, ensuring less light is wasted illuminating features that aren’t important. For example, over-bright spotlights with incandescent bulbs are detrimental to the environment but also potentially the sleep cycles of your family and your neighbors.

One concern people have when considering light pollution is that if they reduce the number and brightness of the lights on their property at night that the deterrent effect for potential criminals is then also reduced. However, Southern Landscape Lighting Systems assured us that it is possible to have a more conscious architectural lighting installation without negatively impacting on the security of your property.

We all have a role to play in saving the environment. More informed choices regarding outdoor lighting will not only positively impact the nature around us, but the people around us too.

Southern Landscape Lighting Systems is a low voltage electrical contractor in Alpharetta, GA well known for their knowledgeable staff and reliable ongoing maintenance and customer support. They offer outdoor lighting and security lighting design and installation for homeowners and business owners in the area and are experts in LED lighting.
Contact them for a free consultation, and they will show you how LED landscape lighting can bring your property to life after dark by optimally illuminating all your favorite features.

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