Areas and Fixtures for Outdoor Lighting in Marietta, GA

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You want your home to reflect elegance but at the same time provide high level of security—this is exactly what outdoor lighting can do for you. This article goes through the areas and fixtures for exterior lighting; read on to learn about what you need to know before you begin working with a landscape lighting company.


Close to the House

Lighting rear and side entrances to your home, as well as walls that are near windows, can ensure that thieves and prowlers would be discouraged from invading your home.


Illuminating your driveway using light increases security and safety for your home. Also, the delineation created makes a pretty pattern.

Front Entry

With front entry lighting, you give a warm welcome to your family and friends even when evening strikes. Pick a wall bracket that has sufficient illumination for the front steps and lighting for the house number and keyhole.


Sufficient garage lights will improve security and safety, especially if the other lights in your house aren’t on.

Paths and Steps

Oftentimes forgotten, lit paths and steps are also crucial in preventing accidents when it’s dark. The house can be adorned with post lights and lanterns and low path lights.

Rear Yard

Floodlighting from trees or the home helps discourage vandals and intruders. If you cannot cover your light source, pick units that look nice, not industrial. You can arrange accordingly for motion sensors, photocells, or automatic timers.

Fixture Types

Accent or Spot

These are adjustable or versatile fixtures utilized for grazing, accenting, cross lighting, and up lighting. When this is mounted up high, it can offer focused moonlighting and down lighting.

Chain Lanterns, Ceiling Close Up, Wall Bracket

These are mounted on doors, on porches, and over garages. The chain hung lantern unit creates a light that goes outward, either diffused or direct.

Bullet Shape, Box Shape, and Cylinder

These types of designs help concentrate and direct light beams. Some cut off the glare and protect lamps and sockets from moisture and debris.

Diffused and Spread

These kinds of low-level units are created to make illumination on a broader pattern for paths, steps, driveways, perimeter plantings, and flower beds.

Fountain and Swimming Pool Lighting

The fixtures are installed at the ends and sides of pools and the bottom of fountains. For lamp changes, wet niche fixtures can be taken out. Dry niche fixtures, on the other hand, need access to the pool shell’s back.

In-Ground or Well Light

When you bury the fixtures flushed against the ground, this covers the source of light. You can use this for shrubbery up lighting and for grazing walls with texture.

Post Lights and Bollard

These are standing fixtures like garden lights or deck lighting that light up pool areas, the deck, garden walks, steps, and pathways. They also offer beautiful light patterns for your driveway.

Transformers, Timers and Other Accessories

Photocells, motion sensors, or automatic timers that turn the lights on during dusk and turn the lights off during dawn make landscape lighting energy-efficient and convenient.

When you need support for figuring out your what areas to lit up and what fixtures to use for outdoor lighting in Marietta, Georgia, contact the experts at Southern Landscape Lighting Systems. With many years in the business, we are one of the very best landscape lighting companies in Marietta GA.

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