Atlanta Outdoor Lighting Company Helps on the Spirit of the Festive Season


Southern Landscape Lighting Systems servicing the areas around Atlanta, GA is a company well known for their exceptional service and brilliant architectural lighting designs. With Christmas just around the corner, they are giving tips to residents on how to spread the joy and spirit of the season with awe-inspiring garden light displays.

If you live in or around Atlanta, you’ll know how passionate residents are about this particular time of year. People have been planning far in advance for the festive season by purchasing various Christmas inspired outdoor lights and designing beautiful displays with their deck lighting and garden lighting.

However, if you haven’t yet had a chance to put up your winter lights, or if you don’t even know where to start, Southern Landscape Lighting Systems wants to share with the community a few tips to get you started.

First, they advise putting your vision down on paper. Consider the style of your house and what kind of light display will suit your property. Look at the features you already have and decide how they can add value to the overall idea, such as trees along walkways between which string lights could be hung.

With a clear design in mind, you can see how many lights you will need and then be able to calculate the cost of the display. If you have difficulty envisioning a complete Christmas light display, consider looking online for inspiration.

Connect with your community during the festive season by taking time to walk around your neighborhood. Have a look at your neighbors’ displays or chat with them about their plans so that you can get inspired and also match the tone of the area with your display. Some streets go all out with their designs while others have more subtle lighting displays. You can also ask around to find the best suppliers of high-quality Christmas lights.

Atlanta Landscape Lighting Company, Atlanta Outdoor Lighting CompanySafety is always an important consideration so make sure you check your lights, whether they have come straight from the store or out of the basement, for any broken bulbs or split cords. Also ensure any lights you are using outside have been manufactured specifically for outdoor use and have a high waterproof rating. If you are buying lights new, avoid cheap low-quality options.

Next step would be to install fasteners. Use plastic or rubber brackets and clips as they don’t conduct electricity. These are used to hold strings of lights and cords in place. The easiest place to start is by running lights along the outlines of your property such as the roofline, porch railing, and doorways. Thereafter you can see where to add the other lighting elements.

A fun option for you to consider is installing sensors so that certain items and lights only glow when someone is near them. Also, with a control system, you can also program your lights to flash in time with your music.

The team at Southern Landscape Lighting Systems wishes you a very Merry Christmas!



Southern Landscape Lighting Systems is a low voltage electrical contractor with a low voltage electrical license that services Atlanta, GA as well as Acworth and Sandy Springs. Their exceptional service by highly knowledgeable staff, dedication to quality, and ongoing support for customers has distinguished them as leaders in the industry.

They offer an initial free daytime consultation, onsite or remote design, lighting installation, and system maintenance. Southern Landscape Lighting Systems will even create a temporary night-time display so that you can see for yourself how your property might optimally be showcased after dark.

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