Choosing Your Landscape Lighting Systems Installer in Marietta, GA

Southern Landscape Lighting Systems in Marietta GA has a professional team that will install an outdoor landscape lighting system that meets all your requirements. Not only do they do landscape lighting installations, but they also do detailed design work together with their landscaping contractors and your architects and builders to get the best effects in your garden and home. They also provide maintenance services for all outdoor landscape lighting and security lighting systems.

Choosing the Best Landscape Lighting Installation Company

Exterior landscape lighting systems will add beauty and safety to your home if properly designed, specified and correctly installed. These outdoor lighting systems are often costly add-ons, and it is best to do some homework before settling on preferred suppliers before requesting quotations. Often the best way is by word of mouth from satisfied clients and visits to sites where landscape lighting systems installations have been done. The internet is also a great resource to research landscape lighting installation companies in Marietta GA. A quick search for Southern Landscape Lighting Systems, will show numerous 5-star reviews and referrals by satisfied clients.

Reputation Matters

The first question should be: how long has the landscape lighting installation company been in business and what experience do the management team have? Some start-up landscape lighting companies may be operated by very experienced staff, but this is not true of many recent entrants into the market. Southern Landscape Lighting Systems has been successfully helping the citizens of Marietta for many years. Their reputation precedes them.


Inspect recent designs by Southern Landscape Lighting Systems’ website portfolio page to see their level of competence and their attention to details. Installing an outdoor lighting system is often more complicated than it appears, and the electrical aspects of the installation have important health and safety implications. It is essential that all electrical installations comply with local regulations and that installers of outdoor lighting systems are appropriately certified.

Product Range

There are considerable differences in prices and quality of the products used in outdoor lighting installations. Your research will allow you to differentiate between “the good, the bad and the ugly” of the various product brands. As these items are outdoors and continuously exposed to the elements, it is worthwhile to spend a little bit extra to get a product that is sustainable and has proper service backup. Professional installers of outdoor landscape lighting systems will be accredited by suppliers of quality lighting products and have the right to use their logos for marketing purposes.

Range of Services

Your choice of a landscape lighting installation company in Marietta should offer you a full range of services:

  • Design – make sure that your supplier has competent and qualified landscape lighting design team that uses the latest technology in their creations;
  • Quotations – all quotations should be as detailed as possible, listing prices of all the individual components as well as costs for civil works and connection to electric service providers. The best outdoor landscape lighting systems installers, such as Southern Landscape Lighting Systems, will provide quotations free of charge;
  • Installation plan – a detailed plan of work and proposed timeline should be part of any quotation;
  • Payment terms – ideally you should only pay part of the value of the contract upfront to the outdoor landscape lighting installer, and the balance on completion
  • Compliance certificates – the installer of your landscape lighting installation must provide you with an electrical compliance certificate on completion of the work;
  • Maintenance & parts backup – landscape lighting installation companies should be able to provide post-installation maintenance contracts or services and should have adequate supplies of parts and components for repair purposes.

Southern Landscape Lighting Systems are expert outdoor landscaping and security lighting installers that have the right solution to meet all your specifications. The team in Marietta is ready to provide you with the best outdoor lighting solution and service for your needs.

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