Creative Landscape Lighting Ideas for Your Home in Alpharetta

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Neighbors and friends frequently visit one another for barbeques, and this suburban area has a collection of the most beautiful gardens. If you’re living in Alpharetta and looking for some inspiration for your outside area – creative landscape lighting will breathe new life into your garden, patio, pool area or deck. Four trends on the horizon include LED string lights, fiber optic lights, colored lights and unconventional uses of spotlights and floodlights.

LED String Lights

LED string lights can be wound around trees in your yard to make a feature of them, or around a garden gazebo or trellises. It may take a bit of experimentation to find a look that works for your garden. LED lighting is an excellent option as it is energy saving and the strings add a modern feel to your landscape lighting installation. They also work well to frame an area such as outlining a window frame, doorway or patio.

Fiber Optic Lights

These are also a relatively recent addition to landscape lighting design, being incorporated into artistic outdoor installations that come in many styles and patterns such as birds and butterflies. Fiber optic lighting is set to become very popular as the demand for it increases, and there will soon be more exciting options that can be included in your landscape lighting installation.

Adding Color to Outdoor Lighting

Standardized harsh white lighting is a thing of the past. Creative landscape lighting installations make use of different colors to add texture and interest to a patio, pool area or garden. There are a number of ways to customize lights with color including fitting existing lights with light filters or color gels and newer lights such as LED landscape lights can be bought in different colors. It is also possible to make your own light colors using acetate filters.

Colored outdoor lighting does require some experimentation as not all colors look good and using too many different colors can look amateur.

Unconventional Uses of Conventional Lights


Spotlights are usually installed higher up, pointing down. But another way to use them would be to place them at ground level, pointing up or sideways, and have them highlight a tree or feature in your garden, around the perimeter of your patio or crisscrossed at regular intervals along a garden pathway.


These can be installed at the base of a tree or in a flower bed shining from the ground up (and they can be installed with different colors).

These exciting trends will liven up your next barbeque in Alpharetta. The easiest way to make sure that you get the look you want (and impress your friends and neighbors) is to use the best landscape lighting company in Alpharetta GA to bring your creative outdoor lighting ideas to life!


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