Choosing the right outdoor LED lighting for your property requires some thought and planning. Not only do you have to decide on the type and style of lighting, you also need to choose where you’re going to place it for maximum effect. Thankfully there are a few useful accessories that can make the whole process a lot easier. Southern Landscape Lighting Systems Acworth, GA, have a wide selection to choose from, including ground stakes, extra LEDs, photocells, and timers. We’ll take a look at some of the essential accessories that you should use with your outdoor LED lights.

Landscape Ground Stakes

When arranging your LED lighting, you’ll likely want to use a variety of different heights and angles. Ground stakes can help with this, and offer a variety of options to suit your needs. Depending on the type of light you have, you’ll need a specific type of durability. Heavy duty stakes can be used when a greater weight needs to be supported, whilst regular PVC stakes can be used for lighter units. Be sure to check how much you need to support, as well as the different heights available.

Extra LED Bulbs

LED lighting is known for its longevity. One of the benefits of LED over incandescent is the fact they last far longer. However, it never hurts to have a variety of spares and different options in terms of brightness. The strength of an outdoor LED light can produce different effects on different areas. As a rule, lighting should be soft and subtle. However, sometimes you’ll want to accent a particular area more than others. Having a range of LED bulbs gives you a way of trying different strengths to see what works. It also covers you should one of your lights fail; they’re easy to replace.


A photocell is a really useful accessory that helps automate your outdoor LED lights. Also known as a sunset to sunrise timer, a photocell will automatically turn on your lighting based on the conditions outside. Once it gets to dusk, the photocell will activate your outdoor LED lights which will then remain on until sunrise. This can be beneficial if you’re away from your property and want the peace of mind knowing that your lights will still activate.


In a similar way that photocells work, timers determine when your outdoor LED lights activate and deactivate. There are two types: digital and analogue. Digital timers can be programmed to turn lights on at a specific hour and minute, and turn off again after a specified amount of time. They are often plugged into the mains and have a backup battery in case of an outage. Analogue timers are more straightforward and have physical buttons that can be depressed to determine how long the lights are on for. These are also plugged into the main.

By using these accessories your outdoor LED lighting setup will be far more convenient. Everything we’ve mentioned above can be found at Southern Landscape Lighting Systems Acworth, GA, and you can visit the store or give us a call on (678) 324-6842 to find out more.

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