Everything You Need to Know About LED Landscape Lighting Installations in Marietta

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The rapid leaps in LED technology mean that LED lighting is fast becoming the best solution for a wide variety of outdoor lighting installations in Marietta. There are four important features that make LED lighting the best choice for a landscape lighting service.

The Top 4 Things You Need to Know About Outdoor LED Lighting

1. Light Color

In the past LED lights were known for their harsh white light, but advances in LED technology mean that LED lights outperform incandescents in almost every area. LED producers offer a range of colors, with the most popular being “soft white” and “warm white” which mimic the color temperature of incandescents, and “bright white” which is closer to daylight (similar to what you would expect to see in a retail store).

This means that an outdoor LED landscape lighting is a better option as the different lighting color options make highlighting garden and patio features more accessible.

2. Energy Efficiency

LED lights are the most efficient type of lighting producing more light with less energy than any other bulb on the market. By way of comparison, a standard 60W incandescent bulb puts out about 800 lumens. An LED bulb of equivalent brightness will only use about 10W of power.

With a focus on green energy, outdoor LED lighting ensures that you can enjoy time on your patio guilt-free due to its incredible efficiency.

3. Lifespan

LED bulbs to last over 30 000 hours (fifteen times longer than an incandescent bulb), while some last more than 50 000 hours. Because LED lights use slightly different technology, they don’t suddenly burn out but will, over time, become less effective.

It’s important to note that:
● Switching LED bulbs on and off frequently will not have an impact on the bulb’s lifespan
● Exposure to heat causes them to age more rapidly (their base is heavy due to the metal heat sink which is designed to pull the heat away from the bulb)
● They are more durable than other bulbs as they do not have a filament

Lower maintenance costs and the increased efficiency make the use of LED lighting for outdoors a more attractive option. The system is more durable and weather resistant and requires less upkeep.

4. Cost

The cost of LED bulbs has fallen dramatically in recent years due to improvements in technology and increased demand for the technology. Where price would have been a deterrent previously, at the moment, the cost difference is no longer a significant barrier to purchase.

Because the initial costs have come down significantly (paired with lower energy usage and longer lifespans) LED landscape lighting has become the more effective option.

If you’re looking for a landscape lighting company in Marietta or one of the surrounding areas such as Atlanta or Sandy Springs, please get in touch with us and we’ll show you what LED lighting can do for your garden.

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