Factors to Consider When Doing Your Deck Lighting in Acworth, GA

In the Northern Hemisphere, it is summertime, and that means there are opportunities for family picnics, barbecues with friends and various family reunions.

Any excuse to be outside, especially if you have a deck to use!

But since the summer is so hot during the day, it often is a wiser move to use the deck outside your home in the evening hours when it is more comfortable, and that may mean making an investment in some deck lighting. Before you do a summer outdoor lighting project in Acworth, there are a couple of factors to consider before deciding the size and scope of such an outdoor lighting or landscape lighting project.

Deck Location

In Acworth and surrounding areas, a good outdoor lighting project, such as for a deck, will be based a lot on the location of the deck at your home in relation to the sun. Is your deck in the back of your home and the home is north-facing? The deck then is in the south, which means it gets sun all day and there is virtually no shade without a canopy. So much sun means not a lot of light will be needed.

But if your deck is facing to the east, for example, then your deck will be in shade for a good part of the day after noon and into the evening hours, which means there may be more of a need for lighting.

Security Needs

The required luminance of your outdoor lighting, as well as the quantity of lights needed for your deck lighting, will also be based on whether the lighting is for security reasons or just for social events. If deck lighting may serve a dual purpose of supplying light to the deck for when you are outside yourself, and serve to illuminate areas of the deck around windows and doors to serve as a deterrent to criminals. The brighter the lights, the more of a deterrent. That may also dictate the landscape lighting design of your Acworth property.

Social Status

If security is not as much of an issue, and you just want lights on your deck to provide some light for a number of social gatherings on your deck, then that is also a consideration. Do you thrive in being a party host or hostess? Can you not go more than a couple weeks without having people over for a social event or casual barbecue on your deck, and you just want lights to provide a certain ambience? Good outdoor lighting design takes into account the frequency of use to help determine the right balance for your deck lighting project.

Quality Lighting Design

Landscape lighting and deck lighting projects are rarely well done as do-it-yourself endeavors. Having a quality landscape lighting contractor to work with you on your deck lighting project in Acworth can ensure quality work that will meet your needs and be aesthetically pleasing for you, your family and friends.

Deck parties are a favorite summertime activity in Acworth, and you should be able to enjoy these parties at any time of day. A well-designed landscape lighting project can help you do that.

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